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  • Hakini

    ej Shanti kako e? Vo MK nema ni traga od sneg, tuka imame prolet. Mi fali sneg, sakam koga e belo...


    12.02.2007. (20:47)    -   -   -   -  

  • Šetnjica

    I tuka bese cudo samo za eden den, sega e okolu 7 -10 stepeni. Jas sum (pri)morska facka, jas sakam leto i more


    13.02.2007. (11:25)    -   -   -   -  

  • Olga

    Dearest James,
    it was as always lovely, indeed, to meet your royal jokeness in our south german cottage (I feel still somehow sorry, that we decided to sell it - it is one of the nicest datchas we ever had). Well - especially I enjoyed the little symposium about "depression as spiritual technique" which we held on the sofa on the second floor. During the last few weeks I studied depression from several points of view - depression and the absence of sleep, depression and fast food, depression and lazyness, depression, bad thoughts and feelings from neurobiological view ... and I must say: I am impressed - what a multitude of psycho-physical effects one can reach by dilligently nourishing and cultivating all complexes and conflicts one can think about.
    Unfortunately, during visiting the "satsang with makaja on astral level" I lost contact to one of the best depressions I've ever had. So - now I have to newly setup a second negative thought and feeling arrangement to continue my study, indeed.
    Thanks a lot for all inspiring intellectual inputs and academcally qualified comments on our topic. As always I am looking forward to continue our usual intellectual exchange in on of our castles.... I think he cologne cathedral would be a nice environmental arrangement for our next colloquium.
    with warmest regards to the nation .... cheers!
    Lady O


    19.02.2007. (14:03)    -   -   -   -  

  • Nirva

    A lipi moj di si ti?


    08.03.2007. (12:50)    -   -   -   -  

  • poliamorija

    Mucim se sa Sidney-em, polazem ispit za instruktoricu Pilatesa :)).
    Nema te nikako. Osjecam se nekako zivo i inspirativno..


    08.03.2007. (13:34)    -   -   -   -  


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