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31.03.2006., petak

Tornado Forming In The Middle Of Soccer

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28.03.2006., utorak

1. nuklearna eksplozija u Texasu oko Uskrsa?


by Ken Welch in Houston
Posted March 25, 2006

During the summer of 2005 it was decided go ahead with plans for America’s second 9/11.

The decision was not made in a torch-lit cave in Afghanistan, nor in a nondescript safe-house in Iraq. Implementing the plan would involve the highest officials of the United States government. The centerpiece of the plan is a portable nuclear weapon manufactured in the former Soviet Union. A tame “terrorist”, destined no doubt to be an eventual patsy, arranged for the bomb’s transport by sea, and the ship carrying it entered Galveston Bay on January 25, 2006. At this time the device remains hidden on board the ship that brought it, a freighter docked in or near the port of Texas City, about thirty minutes south of Houston, and only ten miles from the island city of Galveston.

Radiation monitoring teams from the Department of Homeland Security were on the beach at Galveston to make sure there was no radiation leakage from the ship that might register on monitors and give away the secret. After the vessel concluded it’s normal business and was tied up at its final position, a team of experts inspected the device, determined that it was fully functional, and installed the triggering mechanism. They pronounced it ready to go, and released it to the White House on February 16th.

The nuke has remained there up to the time of this posting, and will be detonated at some time during the Easter holiday, April 14-16, to maximize the illusion that the world is involved in religious conflict. This will be a spectacular media event involving the mass evacuation of three million people, already tested in the bizarre Rita stampede last November. Network cameras will be locked on Texas City, from a distance of course, to ensure the best possible pictures of the flash and rising mushroom cloud. Many Americans will die, and the once again the world will be changed forever.

This is ultimate reality, life in the raw, far removed from the fairytales taught in schools and portrayed in mass media. It simply doesn’t get more real than this. Within this report you will hear the voices of U.S. officials in reversed speech, a medium that reveals hidden thoughts, giving you the actual details about their little mushroom surprise for America and the world.


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27.03.2006., ponedjeljak

Povezanost Chemtrails-a i gripe

"BIRD FLU" delievered by Airforce tankers !!
Sat Mar 25, 2006 02:41

by: Thomas, William

William Thomas is an investigative journalist who comes to us from the Gulf Islands of British Columbia. He has won numerous awards for his feature films and articles. His 30-minute Gulf War documentary "Ecowar" was the U.S. Environmental film festival award for "best documentary short" in 1991. William Thomas is the author of Scorched Earth: The Military's War Against the Environment and Bringing the War Home: The True Story Behind the Gulf War Illness and Biological Warfare in the Gulf. William has lectured extensively on the Gulf War and biological warfare in the '90's, and is a frequent guest on the "Art Bell Radio Show". His latest book is Probing the Chemtrails Conundrum.


I have been an investigative journalist for the past 30 years and as a journalist I base my reports on documented information. During the Gulf War, I served as a member of a three-man volunteer environmental emergency response team in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Kuwait, and returned from that experience emotionally scarred, and with my immune system ravaged. After recovering through a program of supplementation, I became very disturbed to find hundreds and hundreds of emails from U.S. and Canadian veterans complaining of something they called Gulf War Syndrome. My investigation into biological weapons has been ongoing since I returned from the Gulf War, and I uncovered the untold story of the biological war in the Gulf in my book Bringing the War Home. In a previous book, Scorched Earth, I examined biological warfare experimentation, particularly in the United States.

In January, 1999, I was contacted by the managing editor of the Environment News Service, an international wire service which I had worked for in the Gulf. I was asked to check out a story by William Wallace about very unusual aerial activity over the state of Washington that was apparently changing the skies overhead. Wallace and his wife lived in a remote mountainous area, and he claimed that large unmarked jet aircraft were flying back and forth over his property, spraying something in the air. Unlike normal contrails behind commercial jets which dissipate quickly, these lingered for hours, came together and obscured the sky. Mr. Wallace said that he and his wife were very ill, their dogs were dying, and their plants were dying. I began to investigate this story and after looking at a videotape made by Mr. Wallace, realized as a former pilot and former member of the military myself, that this was very unusual aerial activity. He gave me some of his contacts across the United States, and as I followed up on those contacts, I developed a huge story. As of today we have over 1,000 eyewitness reports on the so-called chemtrail phenomena. We have documented evidence that chemtrail spraying is taking place over cities throughout Canada, the United States, England, Australia, Holland, Italy, Germany, and New Zealand. And I have uncovered direct ties between biological warfare experimentation and the spraying of pathogenic material and chemicals over our cities.

I have found in my research over the past 15 months that in every instance of heavy spraying over cities across Canada and the United States, there has been an epidemic of acute upper respiratory ailments and gastrointestinal ailments that have overfilled hospital emergency rooms across North America. After researching biological warfare, I found two U.S. Congressional investigations documenting decades of biological warfare experimentation carried out over hundreds of cities in the United States and Canada, including Winnipeg. While these biowarfare simulants were said to be "harmless", some of the new genetically-engineered pathogens - particularly mycoplasma and other fungi - are now loose among the general population. This has occurred through vaccinations of Texas prisoners, and inoculations of Gulf War soldiers - many of whom never left the United States.

Many autoimmune diseases have been seen in the wake of the chemtrail spraying - such as chronic fatigue, multiple sclerosis, lupus, once very rare transverse myelitis and meningitis. My researchers and I are also finding that there appears to be a mental-emotional component to this spray that is a disorienting factor. It is a factor that makes people lethargic and mentally confused, with an inability to concentrate and short-term memory loss.



(a) THE HIGH-FLYING SPRAY PROGRAM Chemtrails are not contrails from commercial airplane traffic. Contrails are condensation trails formed when moisture from hot engine exhaust momentarily condenses into ice crystals, usually above 35,000 feet. Chemtrails occur around 22,000 feet, and they do not dissipate within 45 seconds as contrails usually do, according to Air Transport authorities. (However, genuine contrails over heavily trafficked areas do sometimes linger and nitrogen oxide and other jet engine pollutants can form extensive cloud cover over time.) Unlike normal contrails, chemtrail plumes are laid in parallel lines in grid patterns and telltale X's over towns, cities and remote rural areas. They spread out, and over hours coagulate into a dense droopy overcast. This is not a normal overcast. Often you will even see this being woven between regular cumulus clouds, and it drips and it weeps. Within 24 to 48 hours, people on the ground often flood emergency rooms with acute upper respiratory ailments, gastrointestinal problems, gushing nose bleeds, joint pain, and a dry, hacking cough that unlike flu, lasts for four or five weeks, and then often returns. These symptoms are characteristic of the mycoplasma infections found in some blood-tested chemtrail observers. We have positively identified many of these aircraft as unmarked KC-135 and KC-10 Airforce tankers. In early March, hundreds of KC-135 aircraft were grounded for a part to be replaced in the tail-section of the airplane, and spray activity decreased from 24, to just two locations across the United States. Spray activity climbed right back to previous levels as the planes returned to service the following week.

(b) THE LOW FLYING SPRAY PROGRAM These contrails are sprayed by low flying C-130 Turboprop aircraft. I witnessed this myself in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, last summer. I was stunned to see a C-130 gliding low over this little resort town in the mountains, engines throttled back, dead quiet, spray coming out of the wings of the aircraft as it pulled away. I was standing in the middle of the intersection with my mouth hanging open! I went into the stores in that town, and everybody was coughing like crazy. We also took samples from aluminum-sided buildings in Michigan and Pennsylvania that were not contaminated by background bacteria. We found Pseudomonas fluorescens, streptomyces and a bacillus. In a similar sample taken a year previously on the other side of the United States, we found the same things, as well as other very pathogenic moulds. Rainwater samples taken after heavy spraying over Espanola, Ontario, were found to contain aluminum seven times higher than permissible safe levels. Chemtrail fallout also included carbon black - this is used by the United States Air Force for weather modification. It absorbs sunlight and heats the atmosphere. Carbon black can be hit with HAARP or similar ionispheric heaters and artificially heated to change the weather. They also found chaff (a fine cobwebby filament used to jam radars) in the fallout, and this very fine filament stays aloft for up to a day. So if you put it in your spray mix, you can track the distribution of your spray on radar for a full day. We have very clean lab samples of the material being sprayed and it all contains very pathogenic moulds and fungi. I discovered an article in the Portland Free Press, written by John Titus, in March 1997, describing how dozens of these spray-equipped aircraft, C-130s, were taken away from the U.S. Forest Service, from forest fire-fighting duties, and taken over by the CIA for "missions undisclosed."

CHEMTRAILS IN CANADA In March 1999, people in Espanola, Ontario began to see large unmarked multi-engine aircraft, white in colour, laying X's in the sky over Espanola. When they called friends in Sudbury about 50 miles away, those same X's were being laid at the very same time. These were grid patterns like tic-tac-toe laid in the skies overhead, parallel patterns like jets furrowing a farm field with plumes that at first-sight looked like condensation trails. But instead of evaporating and dissipating quickly, they lingered, spread out and dripped a kind of a mist onto the good residents of Espanola. A reddish powder was also dropped on patios and a nearby lake from AC-130s flying at rooftop level. Everyone, and I mean everyone, became very ill with severe muscle and joint pain, headaches, upper respiratory ailments and more recently, gastrointestinal ailments. One of my researchers, Erminia Cassani came up from the States, and went to Espanola to see what was going on. She saw a C-130 Turboprop spray that community at very low level, rooftop level, with a red powder. She collected the sample, and took it to the same government lab that had been doing sample tests for us earlier in the year. They found a cocktail of pathogenic moulds and fungi. The Ontario Ministry of Environment became involved and tested the rainwater in Espanola, and they found carbon black and chaff in this fallout. Near North labs found aluminum in the rainwater at .53 ppm (parts per million), seven times the safe threshold in Canada, enough they said, to kill fish. The U.S. Airforce claimed that it wasn't their planes. The Canadian Air Force said, "We do not know what is going on in our own skies." Finally, last summer, the residents of Espanola signed a petition and took it to Parliament in Ottawa and demanded an investigation. They said, "We want some answers and we want this stopped." The Ministry of Defense promised to get back to them. They haven't heard yet.

In Kitchener, Ontario, recently, there was a sudden outbreak of people complaining of earaches, blocked sinuses, sore throats and acute attacks of asthma. Everyone was sick at the same time. This is not how flu operates. There has been heavy spraying over Kitchener. In the wake of the spraying, we have seen 1-800 numbers posted which ask you to call in to become part of medical studies, and the qualification is that you have contracting specific symptoms within a certain area within a specific time frame. That sounds like biological warfare tracking to me.

CHEMTRAILS IN USA Erminia Cassani also found some samples of this gel-like material that had splattered a house in the central United States. According to neighbours who witnessed it, it had been dropped from an airplane. We have photographs of the substance. She interviewed the owner, but the owner had been stricken by endocarditis within a month, had a heart attack and was admitted to hospital. We took this to a government-licensed lab. Many samples from this fallout have landed on the ground, or porches, and could have been contaminated by bacteria and the surrounding environment. These samples came from aluminum-sided buildings, taken immediately; they were clean, good samples. Erminia Cassani is a health researcher and knows how to collect samples. The lab said, "Where did you get this biohazard material? We have never seen anything grow out so quickly and overflow our culture dishes within 48 hours." They found three things: Pseudomonas fluorescens, streptomyces, and a very toxic bacillus, as well as a chemical dye marker taken from a coral reef and a restrictor enzyme used to restrict or cut DNA used in research laboratories. Why is this substance being dropped from an airplane! Then we became aware of a similar incident in Pennsylvania last year. Neighbours had witnessed the X-patterns, the weird sky designs as they called it, and an airplane overflying the house so low they thought it would hit the roof. The sample was sent to Erminia, and she took it to the same lab. We did not expect much in terms of this sample because it was a year old and dried out. However the same thing happened. It overgrew the dish; it amazed the head lab technician. They found streptomyces, the same bacillus, and a cocktail of other toxic moulds. Within a few months, Erminia was admitted to hospital with a black yeast mould found in that sample on her left lung, and she became one of the first documented human links between the aerial spray and human illness.

PROJECT CLOVERLEAF In addition to military aircraft, some insiders allege that commercial airlines are being equipped to release "special undisclosed chemicals" under the government's "Project Cloverleaf" (begun around 1998). Using airliners to spray aluminum powder in an effort to avert global warming is also called for in the Welsbach patent. This information has not been released to the public.

CREDIBILITY FOR THE CHEMTRAIL PHENOMENA Just this year my original story for the Environment News Service was chosen by Project Censored as one of the censored stories of 1999, by a panel of peer-reviewed highly professional journalists who looked at this story and concluded that it is real. So the chemtrails story has real journalistic credibility.


For the past two winters over towns and cities throughout England and North American, strange X's were appearing in the skies. In these same cities, there have been outbreaks of "flu" epidemics that have filled hospital emergency rooms across the country. We have also had a dramatic onslaught of degenerative autoimmune diseases, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, all apparently originating from viral, bacterial, or fungal infections. During this time most of us have been ill with something that doesn't quite act like the flu because it holds on for weeks and months at a time, seems to get better, and then returns. It is very hard to shake. In fact, during the height of this year's 33-week epidemic of fatalities from pneumonia and "flu-like" illness, the Centers for Disease Control blood-tested acutely ill patients - and found that between 67% and 85% did not have the flu. (The CDC now says, "An unknown pathogen" may be responsible for these illnesses and deaths.) This epidemic is particularly hard on children and the elderly.

We have found Streptococcus in our samples of low-level air-dropped material. Streptococcus A and fatalities were up about 200 to 300% across North America. Meningitis, another rare inflammation of the brain and spinal cord has occurred in epidemic proportions in certain areas across North America. In certain areas of the country, there are epidemic levels of multiple sclerosis, which used to be a fairly rare ailment. Transverse myelitis, perhaps the rarest of all, used to be almost unheard of, but we are getting increased reports of this disease across North America this year.

Prof. Colman Salloway, an epidemiologist at the University of New Hampshire, was investigating the Sydney A variant of influenza that was shutting down universities across the United States, but he found out that no cultures were being taken, and in fact, this is usually the case with flu. Doctors prescribe on symptomology, and rarely do blood work. Whereas flu usually gives you a bad cough and other symptoms for five to seven days, this ailment gives people a very dry hacking cough for four to five weeks and often returns. Prof. Salloway concluded that the only thing that does that is mycoplasma.

Another disturbing thing is that these illnesses are driving people toward experimental vaccination programs. There is a push for vaccines for flu, pneumonia and migraines, and migraines are also a common symptom of spraying. We know that vaccines are loaded with formaldehyde, formalin, little parts of recombinant genes, cancer causing material and monkey viruses. There is not only a campaign to push us toward vaccines, but to vaccinate infants soon after birth.


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26.03.2006., nedjelja

Alex Jones na CNN-u

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22.03.2006., srijeda

Da li je Islam zla religija? (eng)


Well, at least Islam has no history that is even remotely comparable to the INQUISITION where millions of intellectuals and righteous men and women were burned to death in the name of Christianity. Islam was not responsible for the HOLOCAUST although the Christian West made them pay for it. The POPE (John Paul II) before he died apologized for the SILENCE OF THE CHURCH and COMPLICITY of the Vatican during the holocaust and when the Serbians were slaughtering and raping Moslems in Bosnia, MILOSEVIC declared that he was doing it for Christian Europe. To this day, I have not heard of a Moslem preacher calls Christianity an Evil religion because of men like HITLER, MILOSEVIC and…BUSH. Moslems are better in distinguishing between the BEASTS among men and their religion something Christians are never good at.




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Date / time: 21/03/2006 09:40:19
Event: Earthquake
Area: Africa
Country: Algeria
State/County: Bajaia district
City: Unknow
Number of Deads: 4 persons
Number of Injured: 67 persons
Damage level: Minor

At least four people including three children were killed and 67 people were hurt when an earthquake measuring 5.3 hit northeastern Algeria, state radio reported on Tuesday. The tremor on Monday evening triggered the collapse of about 30 buildings in and around the village of Laalam in the province of Bejaia, 300 km (190 miles) east of the capital Algiers, the radio reported. The dead children were aged 5, 9, and 13.

Date / time: 21/03/2006 10:20:05
Event: Vulcano Activity
Area: Asia
Country: Japan
State/County: Hokkaido
City: Unknow
Number of Deads: None or unknow
Number of Injured: None or unknow
Damage level: Minor

A volcano on Japan's northernmost main island of Hokkaido erupted early on Tuesday morning, leaving ash scattered on the snow around the top of the mountain, but officials said the scale of the eruption was small. Me-akan Take, a 1,500 metre (4,900 ft) peak located some 850 km (530 miles) north of Tokyo, is an active volcano that last erupted in November 1998. "Gray ash was discovered on the snow around the summit, but no movement of lava was detected, and we do not think a large eruption is likely," a Meteorological Agency official said. Japan is one of the world's most geologically active countries and is particularly prone to earthquakes, with a tremor occurring at least every five minutes. It also has 108 active volcanoes, according to the Meteorological Agency, but damaging eruptions are infrequent. In 1991, 43 people including police, fire officials and journalists were killed by a lethal mix of steam, ash and rock when a volcano erupted on the southern island of Kyushu.

Date / time: 22/03/2006 09:13:12
Event: Vulcano Activity
Country: Philippines
State/County: Sorsogon province
City: Unknow
Number of Deads: None or unknow
Number of Injured: None or unknow
Damage level: Minor

A volcano in the central Philippines spewed ash clouds nearly 1 mile into the sky and officials warned residents on Wednesday not to go near the mountain. The 1,559-metre Bulusan volcano in Sorsogon province spewed ash on Tuesday night, said Jaime Sincioco of the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology. "Last night, at 10.58 p.m., there was a phreatic or steam-driven explosion, producing ash clouds 1.5 km from the summit. That's just a mild ash emission," he told Reuters. Mild vulcanic quakes were also felt and steam was seen coming from the crater early on Wednesday, Sincioco said. He warned residents not to venture within the 4-km (2.5-mile) danger zone due to fear of sudden explosions. "We are still monitoring the volcano. We will raise the alert level as appropriate," Sincioco said. "The present manifestation still does not indicate that a major activity is imminent." The Institute raised alert level 1 in Bulusan on Sunday after their instruments detected successive quakes. The highest level of alert is 5, indicating lava flows or ash columns reach 6 km.

Date / time: 22/03/2006 15:21:43
Event: Fire
Area: Asia
Country: Japan
State/County: Fukui Prefecture
City: Unknow
Number of Deads: None or unknow
Number of Injured: 2 persons
Damage level: Minor

Firefighters extinguished a four-hour blaze that broke out at a nuclear power plant in western Japan on Wednesday. Officials said no radiation leaked, but two workers were injured. It took firefighters nearly two hours to reach the fire because of thick smoke, and another two hours to put out the flames at the waste incinerating facility in Oi, about 235 miles west of Tokyo, said Manabu Kobana of Kansai Electric Power Co. Two workers who were inspecting the facility were rushed to a hospital after inhaling smoke, but they were not in critical condition and were not exposed to radiation, local fire officials said. A third worker was evacuated from the site but was not injured, according to another local government official, Shiro Konishi. Other workers at the plant were allowed to remain at their stations, he said. All four pressurized water reactors at Oi were operating normally, and there was no radiation leakage, according to the Osaka-based operator. The fire appeared to have started in an area in the facility where ash is packed into steel barrels, the operator said. Some of the waste processed there contains low levels of radiation, but monitors outside the facility have shown no signs of leakage, it said. Resource-poor Japan is heavily dependent on its nuclear program, with the country's 55 nuclear reactors now supplying about one-third of its electricity, according to the Natural Resources and Energy Agency. But the public has been increasingly wary of reactor safety following a series of reactor malfunctions and accidents. Oi is about 380 kilometers (236 miles) west of Tokyo.

Date / time: 21/03/2006 19:28:46
Event: Tornado
Country: Philippines
State/County: South Cotabato
City: Tupi
Number of Deads: None or unknow
Number of Injured: None or unknow
Damage level: Minor

A strong tornado battered a farming village in Tupi town, South Cotabato on Tuesday afternoon, destroying an estimated P8 million worth of agricultural crops and properties, local officials said. Tupi Mayor Valentin Mariano said the twister, whose strength was measured by local residents through the uprooting of several decades-old well-entrenched mango trees, landed at the outskirts of Barangay Palian at about 3:00 p.m. Some residents reportedly saw some patches of thin ice falling with the rains before the tornado came, he said. Mariano said no casualties were reported when the twister struck the area for about 15 minutes. But he said among those destroyed were a poultry farm owned by a local contract grower, portions of a solo papaya plantation contracted to a local exporter, farmlands planted to various crops, and several houses. Bella Lechonsito, South Cotabato social welfare officer, said the Tupi disaster coordinating council reported that the tornado damaged at least 13 houses and destroyed three others. Lechonsito said the municipal and provincial disaster coordinating councils are currently validating the exact damage wrought by the tornado, the second to hit the area in the last three years.

Date / time: 21/03/2006 16:00:30
Event: Extreme Weather
Area: North-America
Country: USA
State/County: Unknow
City: Unknow
Number of Deads: 5 persons
Number of Injured: None or unknow
Damage level: Minor

A powerful storm dumped more than a foot of snow in the Plains, closing schools and roads and forcing residents to man shovels Monday during the first day of spring. Hundreds of schools were closed in Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado and South Dakota, and at least five deaths were blamed on the storm. Spring officially began at 1:26 p.m. EST. Myron Williams, who raises livestock near Wall, was busy shoveling a foot of snow from gates and feedlots on his property. The rancher said the work was hard but the precipitation was welcome. "We're glad to have the moisture," Williams said. "Nothing's free, so you've got to pay for everything." Twenty-five inches of snow was reported in central Nebraska, parts of South Dakota had up to 18 inches, northeast Colorado had at least a foot, northwest Kansas had up to 10 inches and parts of the Oklahoma Panhandle got half a foot.

Several stretches of Interstate 80 were closed in Nebraska, the State Patrol said. Parts of Interstate 70 were closed in western Kansas, and in Colorado more than 150 miles of the highway were shut down. In South Dakota, a stretch of about 200 miles of I-90 was reopened Monday. The highway had been closed from Rapid City to Chamberlain because of the heavy snow and tractor-trailers that had gotten stuck. The storm postponed the final day of the South Dakota Legislature's 2006 session, and forced Nebraska's Legislature to cancel its Tuesday meeting. Also Monday, at least two tornadoes touched down in rural Oklahoma as a wave of thunderstorms moved across the state. Heavy rain soaked parts of the South over the weekend. Up to 8 inches of rain was reported in northern Texas, causing flooding around the Dallas area. Waters subsided Monday, and the storms may have eased chronic drought.

"It is definitely going to help with the drought, but it is not going to reverse it," said weather service meteorologist Stacie Hanes. In Dallas, the body of a woman was recovered from a creek. Officials believe high water swept her car off a road Sunday night. In Colorado, one person was killed Sunday in a traffic accident on a slush-covered road, the State Patrol said. And authorities said a woman reportedly suffering from Alzheimer's disease was found dead Monday after she wandered away from her home. Two motorists died on an icy highway in southwest Nebraska on Sunday, authorities said.


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Chemtrails iznad Zagreba

Naravno da je bilo pitanje vremena kada će i nas zasipati kemikalijama iz zraka. Dobio sam sljedeće slike na mail od jednog čitaoca.

Chemtrails over Zagreb 1
Chemtrails over Zagreb 2
Chemtrails over Zagreb 3
Chemtrails over Zagreb 4
Chemtrails over Zagreb 5

Pokušajte s vremena na vrijeme baciti pogled iznad sebe. Vjerujem da vam je teško, da ste zaokupljeni svakojakim problemima, ali odvojite tu i tamo koji trenutak za pogled u nebo.

Kada dovoljan broj ljudi bude svjesno činjenice da nas i našu djecu sistematsko truju, možda će se iznaći način kako zaustaviti taj genocid.

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21.03.2006., utorak

Stvaranje tornada pokraj Francuske?

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19.03.2006., nedjelja


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16.03.2006., četvrtak

Nešto se definitivno događa

This is the way the world ends: with a nanosecond of computer error in a Defense Department laboratory and a million casual contacts that form the links in a chain letter of death. And here is the bleak new world of the day after: a world stripped of its institutions and emptied of 99 percent of its people. A world in which a handful of panicky survivors choose sides-or are chosen.

U SAD-u se u zadnja 2 -3 dana događaju čudne stvari. Neki manji (i malo veći) mediji upozoravaju na neku veliku katastrofu, a u nekim mjestima već su ispražnjeni dućani.

Molim vas da provjerite ove linkove (vijesti 15. i 16.03.2006.):

Panel stresses preparedness in event of emergency

Preparing for pandemic: know how to bury your dead

Leavitt calls for personal flu plans

What You Should Do to Prepare for an Epidemic

Bird Flu Expert Warns Of 50% Death Rate

The Bird Flu: How Much Fear Is Healthy?

Ready for disaster?

County hosts disaster preparedness forum Wednesday

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"EUREKA!" (I think I've found it...in black lite?)

Kako dokazati prisutnost chemtrail-sa u našoj okolini.

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13.03.2006., ponedjeljak

UFO? Ma ne...puno njih...

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12.03.2006., nedjelja

Chemtrails - iz ustiju znanstvenika

Chemtrails: Culling the Useless Eater Population

So, you haven't yet figured out the airborne conditioning-agent release program that is being operated by the government. I'll give you some hints, but first I'll give you a little information about myself.

I'm a retired government scientist with an advanced degree in one of the health-related disciplines. I do not use my real name for fear of
retaliation, either against me, or against members of my family. I always try to route my e-mail communications so that they appear to come from another source, usually from one somewhere within the
government. Sometimes I use the internet resources of the public library - whatever it takes to hide my true identity and confuse those who don't want the sort of information I possess to fall into the public's hands.

I have a small circle of friends who are, or were, in key positions within our military and several government agencies. These are not the very top level personnel, but mid to upper mid-level people, scientists and analysts, who are in positions where they can see the day-to-day activities of what's going on, who are charged with implementing the details, but who are never quite privy to the schemes behind the work they do.

Each of my contacts has been able to supply me with a portion of the puzzle, but separately, none of them understands the whole story. I'll tell you what I've pieced together so far. But I have to admit that this information frightens me because there is no place I can go with it. What am I supposed to do - write my congressman? I believe that would be like signing my own death warrant.

This whole chemtrail issue is related to the plan for decreasing the world population to around 450-500 million -- and starting with the US
first. Why? The people of the US are the only ones with even the remotest chance of stopping this. That is, if they knew about it. That's why the US has to be the first to go. You have to understand that the world's elite covet the US for its geographic diversity - and they would love to return this country to its condition as it existed prior to Columbus setting foot here, but without the Native Americans this time of

You may have already heard how several national parks have been
designated as world biospheres - that's the plan for all of North America,a giant nature park and playground that will be devoid of annoying human beings (that would be us). And the people actually involved in doing the spraying, as well as those who will take part in the rest of the plans, are being duped into believing they will be spared, that is, permitted to live and remain on this continent as administrators and caretakers of this vast nature preserve. I understand that about 150 to 200 thousand people are projected as necessary for maintenance purposes. But it's likely these people will not be Americans. Those in charge wouldn't want to risk the
possibility of some sort of revolt, so the workers will probably be brought in from Europe and Asia.

There are rumors floating about the internet that the chemtrails are part of some sort of secret program the government is doing to protect the US from future biological attacks. Nothing could be further from the truth. The plan is to sensitize, or condition, the US population to being wiped out by influenza A. Over the past few years, people have been encouraged to get flu shots to protect them against the generally non-lethal strains that circulate through the population during flu season.

Each year the US government has guessed which strains were most
likely to spread. They seem to always guess right - don't they?

This flu season, the government protected people with a trivalent vaccine that included the A/Beijing/262/95-like (H1N1) and the A/Sydney/5/97-like (H3N2). It also contained the B/Beijing/184/93-like hemagglutinin antigens.

For those not familiar with virology, the H and N refer to
proteins on the outside of the virus, the hemagglutinin and
neuraminidase,which are responsible for the virus attaching to, and then invading, a host cell. The public has been quite pleased with the success of the vaccines offered so far. But that will change in the future.

Researchers at the US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious
Diseases (or USAMRIID) at Fort Detrick in Frederick MD have econstructed and modified the H1N1 Spanish Flu virus, making it far more deadly than it ever was back when it was responsible for the
1918-1919 flu pandemic that killed over 20 million worldwide and over
500,000 here in the US. Consider that it could have killed many more, but back then, people couldn't hop on a jet and travel from New York to L.A. in five hours. Now, our ability to travel will increase the spread and will be our downfall.

The flu vaccines contain killed virus and protect the body well against challenge by that particular strain, but work poorly against other strains not included in the inoculation. At some point, the vaccine stockpile will include the more lethal modification of the 1918 H1N1 in its live form.

Most people receiving this vaccine will simply be renewing their annual flu shot, and the vaccine will still include the inactivated version of the more benign form of H1N1 (as was included in this year's vaccine).

The presence of the milder strain in the inoculum will slow down the
progression of the more lethal H1N1 form, so people will become sick more slowly - but they will still eventually die. It will just take a few weeks longer.

In the meantime, they will be carriers for the lethal form of the virus, passing it on to everyone with whom they make contact. And as people hear that others are dropping dead from the flu, they will flock to get their own vaccination. And the entire population will be more receptive to infection because their lungs will have been pre-conditioned to guarantee it.

If you will remember back to 1968 and '69, the Hong Kong flu, which was influenza A type H3N2, killed over 30,000 people in the U.S.
alone. That was a fortuitous learning event for some because it taught them that the flu could still conceivably be used to wipe out a
population. But at the same time, it pointed out the need to precondition the populace so that those who might normally be resistant could be rendered susceptible. Hence the development of the vaccine program and the aerial spraying procedures to condition the population.

The purpose of the chemicals in the chemtrails is to help the viral
envelope fuse with lung cells, permitting easier penetration and infection.

But what about those few individuals who don't succumb to the
flu? Probability alone demands that there will be some who survive -
pockets of the population that are either not reached or somehow (and this is less likely) are resistant to the lethal H1N1 strain. At this point you must also remember that our military personnel have been immunized against a variety of pathogens, including the anthrax bacillus.

For those geographically isolated areas where the flu doesn't do its job, it's a fairly simple matter to lay down anthrax spores and then send in what's left of the military to take care of anyone still breathing.

The anthrax spraying will probably come under the guise of a flu protection program to save those still alive after the epidemic. And the military, having been exposed to civilians with the flu, will eagerly await their own flu shots.

I should emphasize that this is a last resort scenario. Those
orchestrating the plan will not want to use anthrax until all other
possibilities are exhausted - this because of the long-term viability of anthrax spores. To scatter them over the countryside would mean the area would be dangerous for use by humans, at least those not vaccinated against the bacteria.

And think about this for a moment. Why do you suppose agencies like Fish and Wildlife are so eager to reintroduce wolves and other species into areas of the country which haven't seen these animals for
generations. It's all part of the plan to restore this land to what the elite envision as its early paradise-like state, with wild animals freely roaming the uninhabited plains and forests. Granted, it will take some time to clean up the place and to maybe destroy a lot of small towns that might otherwise be considered a blight on the landscape. But for the global elite it will be a small price for us to pay for their enjoyment.


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ARHIVA na nestale postove

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Universal Soldier

He's five feet two and he's six feet four
He fights with missiles and with spears
He's all of 31 and he's only 17
He's been a soldier for a thousand years

He's a Catholic, a Hindu, an atheist, a Jain,
a Buddhist and a Baptist and a Jew
and he knows he shouldn't kill
and he knows he always will
kill you for me my friend and me for you

And he's fighting for Canada,
he's fighting for France,
he's fighting for the USA,
and he's fighting for the Russians
and he's fighting for Japan,
and he thinks we'll put an end to war this way

And he's fighting for Democracy
and fighting for the Reds
He says it's for the peace of all
He's the one who must decide
who's to live and who's to die
and he never sees the writing on the walls

But without him how would Hitler have
condemned him at Dachau
Without him Caesar would have stood alone
He's the one who gives his body
as a weapon to a war
and without him all this killing can't go on

He's the universal soldier and he
really is to blame
His orders come from far away no more
They come from him, and you, and me
and brothers can't you see
this is not the way we put an end to war.

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Alpha & Omega
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