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Outlands Cooking Trainer : Interesting Cooking Games For Girls : Cooking Beef In The Oven

Outlands Cooking Trainer

outlands cooking trainer

Outlands Spring Crown Tourney March 14, 2009

Outlands Spring Crown Tourney March 14, 2009

His Majesty Alrik blessing this field with dirt from all the previous crown tourney fields.

MAELGWN’S DECREE (made in 1998)
Maelgwn won this tourney(2009) and will be the king of the Outlands for the 3rd time.

Maelgwn sat upon the throne
With no issue of his own
He was saddened and alone
He was king.

He had treasures sparkling bright
Golden Lillian at his right
He had power. He had might.
He was king.

From him came the stern decree
“E’re a prince chosen can be
You shall hearken to my plea.”
He was king.

"Bring me earth from corners four
Of the Outlands, I implore.
From Listmaker’s sacred door"
No small thing.

To a craftsman did he say
"A fine box make me this day
Where this sacred earth might lay"
No small thing.

From the north, east, south and west
Our courageous and our best
Rallied to their sovriegn’s quest.
No small thing.

Vessels wood and pottery
Silk with gold embroidery
Glass and silver bright to see
Did they bring.

Precious in their blistered hands
Came the earth from o’er our lands
Mountains, woods and desert sands
Did they bring.

Clay as red as sunset bright
Fertile soil black as the night
Sand from deserts stretching white
Did they bring.

Then into the sacred chest
Did these pilgrims ever blessed
Place their earth at last to rest
For the King

Maelgwyn stood upon the field
Where brave men would weapons weild
Sword and axe and glaive and shield
For the King.

“Here this earth I scatter wide”
Said he “Stand you now with pride
Where your fathers fought and died
For the King".

Twice a year, these bold men dare
On their honor gladly swear
So the line will have an heir
As the King.

Maelgwn passed his crown along
Sacred box and earth belong
To a son both wise and strong
As the King

And the next to come in line
Would his duty not decline
Earth he added to the shrine
As the King

And to he, the last to stand
The old king gives this command
“Pass this earth from hand to hand
Bards will sing

Bring it to each tourney list
By tradition gently kissed
That our heroes not be missed
Bards will sing.

Of a lineage brave and bold
Rainment green and glist’ning gold
Who our earth so dearly hold
Bards will sing

Poem by:
Ban-Fili Cailte Caitchairn



In real life photos Jon usually can be seen in the background with his camera. Here he is as a priest in the lower right, way off in the distance. He has a fast horse and I'm eating its dust.

I didn't start taking screenshots until we began our tour to get gryphon routes - when we were fighting big hulking monsters I somehow didn't think about screenshots. I'm also just calling all of this Outlands because I have no idea where the heck anything is yet. Or what it's called.

outlands cooking trainer

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