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Same day flowers in. Wedding flower accessories. Get flowers delivered.

Same Day Flowers In

same day flowers in

    day flowers
  • Commelina is a genus of approximately 170 species commonly called dayflowers due to the short lives of their flowers. They are less often known as widow's tears. It is by far the largest genus of its family, Commelinaceae.

same day flowers in - E1002a NEW

E1002a NEW White Flower Girl Communion Pageant Easter Dress Size 2 to 12 (12, White - Your order will be shipped out on the same or next business day. Orders arrive in 3 to 5 business days.)

E1002a NEW White Flower Girl Communion Pageant Easter Dress Size 2 to 12 (12, White - Your order will be shipped out on the same or next business day. Orders arrive in 3 to 5 business days.)

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If the gold pot at the end of the rainbow were nature itself, would there be hope?

If the gold pot at the end of the rainbow were nature itself, would there be hope?

No, I don't think so.


There's this person who profeces out loud: "F*** the whales and rivers! I want my beauty lotions, I won't change my lifestyle to 'save the planet', I won't have children and I won't be here when earth falls apart, I just don't give a F***, I don't care!" and on she goes with her profanities.

You see, at a barbecue we were having drunk conversations stating that nearly everything we do, pollutes earth. The making of our daily coffee sends dirt to rivers. The making of alluminum cans uses a god awful lot of clean water. It's said that the estrogen so many women take on a daily/monthly base (for birth control) goes all back to the rivers and that's why it's said that more women are being born in the world nowadays.
It's a bit naive or even hypocritical to blame the cattle industry for all the incredible amount of methane gas each cow produces everyday. Or the extension of the lands used in their upbringing. Why try to make other people eat less meat, but no one talks about drinking less coffee, less beer, less everything in order to "save" the planet?
But then again, groups have to focus on an area of protection of their choosing, but should keep in mind that things must be reviewed in almost all areas, that one must do what one can to help keep the planet "running".

However, while there are some who worry and help, there are just as many or even more doing exactly the contrary. Frustrating.

The I-don't-care people should realize that if people don't change their thoughts and habits, soon there won't be whales for their "beauty lotions", lobsters for their fancy dinners, lungs for their smoking, and they would have to change their lifestyle anyway and they'd probably be in a worse condition than they are now (meaning they would have cancer and suffer and die but I don't think they understand that). They usually say that it will a problem for them to deal in the future.

False Day Flower

False Day Flower

False day flower (Commelinantia anomala).

This Mickey Mouse flower is the "false" version of the day flower, otherwise known as Widows' Tears. Both are common wayside flowers, but the false day flower is more lilac. The day flower is blue.

Had the image been of just one flower, it wouldn't have made as a good picture in my opinion. I liked how both aligned to make a pleasing arrangement. I photographed it in a local park. Incidentally, I came back to the same spot some time later and found that all the flowers were mowed down. I asked the groundskeeper why they were all gone and was told that they consider them weeds and wack 'em down whenever they can. GAH!!

same day flowers in

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