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Clean Interior Of Car. Vinegar Cleaning Spray.

Clean Interior Of Car

clean interior of car

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clean interior of car - T-Mobile OEM

T-Mobile OEM Multipurpose Pink Micro Fiber Vertical Pouch with Drawstring for Storing Car Charger, Travel Charger, PDAs and Cellphones

T-Mobile OEM Multipurpose Pink Micro Fiber Vertical Pouch with Drawstring for Storing Car Charger, Travel Charger, PDAs and Cellphones

This multipurpose Pink Pouch features a drawstring with "Air Jordan" style knot for secure storage of any electronics devices including chargers, portable car kits, cameras, calculators, PDAs etc. The threaded drawstring sleeve allows the drawstring to slide smoothly and cinch tightly, reinforced with the knob. As a result, you can safely and securely carry a small-sized devices or other accessories. The pouch, which measures 3.25 inches in width and 5.5 inches long, sports a Pink Micro Fiber body that's durable and has soft cloth inside lining.
Slip your device inside of this universal Blackberry microfiber pouch with drawstring closure for some good, clean protection. The microfiber fabric doubles as a screen cleaner giving you a glistening, fingerprint free device. And the reversible pouch provides you with two color options. Machine washable.
Note: This pouch will fit all BlackBerry Phones.

80% (17)

Car Interior Panorama (270°x60°)

Car Interior Panorama (270°x60°)

This is the interior of my car, stitched together from 18 panned shots.

I'll re-do this properly with full 360° coverage once I've actually cleaned it out : P



yes i know, its only half clean, when i decided to do it, and after conditioning the leather it got too dark out to vacuum the interior, i'll do it tomorrow.

clean interior of car

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