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Day 29/365 "Thats what she said...what y would u say that?" & "I'm getting that Fo' Sho"

Day 29/365

Today was a GREAT DAY. Pierre and his dad and jake picked up me and my brother and went to the galleria mall where we met up with Valerie and Kyle. So jake and pierre decided to hide in an ice fishing hut at dicks to surprise val and kyle that was funny. Then we walked the mall where jake and pierre decided to skip down the walkway haha then we went to a bunch of stores including spencers which was probably a bad idea going in there with jake lol, then we walked some more, and went and ate lunch in the food court. Then we did more shopping where jake went into hollister and decided to put on a girl sweater and model for us haha. Then jake almost got kicked out of American Eagle because he was trying on girls boots haha then me and val went into a store and the boys decided to hide behind the pillars in the mall where jacob was acting like james bond and this random guy acted like he shot him it was sooooo funny lmao and then as we were walking we walked past these little kids and jake said fuck or something the kids looked at each other like omg he just swore lol After all that we went into jacob and pierres favorite store the RV store and looked at all the RVs which was actually fun haha then we went to the apple store and took all these hilarious pics on the photo booth application. After that we went to the melting pot for dessert which was really good and is where we get that first quote from by pierre lol then we went to best buy and chilled there for a bit then we left kyle and valerie at jc pennys and then we went to the poster store and we went to best buy again cuz pierres dad had to get a tv. Thats when we left where i left with a twilight t-shirt of emmett, a new mayday parade shirt, some aerie lip gloss, the dark knight calender, scary movie and a beatles poster lol After the mall we were jamming to the all-american rejects in the car lol then we chilled at pierres house for a bit then i went home

at home i rearranged the posters on my wall to accommodate my new posters and i had to update my sabres wall and now i'm talking to pierre

so pic today is at the apple store of (clockwise) Kyle, Pierre, Jacob, Eddie, Me, and Valerie. i was told i looked like i was seducing the camera lol idk u decide.

SOTD: "Gives You Hell" by The All-American Rejects


97/365 - Take The Time To Stop And Sniff The Flowers

97/365 - Take The Time To Stop And Sniff The Flowers

Lookies! You can see my new haircut. haha. (: Outtake in comments.

There is nothing to eat againnn. I'm waiting for my fruit to get cold because I hate eating warm fruit. :( There is no cereal either. I want Cheerios. But my mom didn't buy any. I could make scrambled eggs but I'm too lazy to.. I think I'll just eat another fruit. I ate an orange popsicle though. ;)

So I only went to art class today. I'm going to watch HBP on Wednesday with a few friends of mine as well. (: I can't wait! I also have a bigfat list of movies that I need to watch. I'm watching one on TV right now though. I don't know what it's called, but it's about this girl who puts on a "fat suit" to do an experiment and see how larger people are treated differently than smaller people. It looks pretty good so far. (: If anyone knows what it's called, tell me! :D


Secret numero quatre: You know all the Twilight merchandise stuff that you see flying around? Like Twilight pencils, pens, SHIRTS.. like "Sorry, I only date vampires" and stuff? I think that they are just truly stupid. And it's just another way for the companies to make extra money. I hate them with a passion and I feel disgusted whenever I see them. lol. Don't get me wrong though. I love Twilight. ;D I just think that all this stuff with Twilight in it is just so useless. :|

Random fact of the day: I saw bus with a Harry Potter ad on the side! I want it. I want to put the poster up in my room. haha. (:

buy twilight t shirts

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