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How To Clean Rubber Boots

how to clean rubber boots

how to clean rubber boots - Tingley Rubber

Tingley Rubber Sz11 Blk Stl Toe Boots 31244.11 Work Shoes/Boots

Tingley Rubber Sz11 Blk Stl Toe Boots 31244.11 Work Shoes/Boots

Size 11, Black, General Purpose, 15' Over The Sock Knee Boots, Black Upper, Black Sole, Steel Toe, Injection Molded Construction For 100% Waterproof Protection, Flexible Upper Material Stays Supple In Cold Temperatures To Make Walking Easier, Outsole Material Is Soft For Excellent Slip Resistance & Absorbs Shock When Walking, Steel Toe Meets Ansi Spec Z41 PT99 MI/75 C/75, Cleated Outsole Spits Out Debris For Excellent Gripping Action, Removable Polypropylene Insole Wicks Perspiration To Help Keep Feet Dry Comfortable.

88% (12)

Day 2 - 11th January

Day 2 - 11th January

More bits to get shot of. The car rear lights have been hanging around for at least 3 years - and they're not even mine! Amazing how much out of date foodstuffs we had too. Plus smellies that had lost their smell, dried up baby wipes and a locked metal cash box with no key that worked! At least none of these things will be cluttering the house up for much longer.

Not too difficult today as I had already earmarked most of these for going.

Various out of date sauces, pickles etc. Heaven knows why I keep them, think they might get eaten up one day! These will go to the recycling facility – RF - (otherwise known as tip) although they won’t actually get recycled.

A metal cash box, that is locked shut and has no key. No point in keeping this – I have no use for it and without a key it is useless. This will go in the metal recycling bin at the RF.

Two well worn cutting mats. I am a crafter and get through these regularly. These two have lots of stains and cuts on them, and weren’t left flat, so have ridges and bumps that won’t lie flat. As I have about another 6 new ones I thought it was time I let them go. Can’t think what to do with them so they will have to go to the tip.

A chrome cutlery holder. This has been in my craft room holding pens, scissors etc. but since I’ve been tidying it up I’ve found another receptacle for them so this is now spare. This will go to the Oxfam shop next week.

Two rear lights from my daughter’s car. She’s had her car for 5 years, and about 3 years ago replaced these lights because one was broken. Have no idea why they were left in my spare room all this time – possibly in case they came in handy!!! So these will be going to the tip next week.

An Avon alphabet puzzle for young children. I think I rescued this from a boot fair/jumble sale, with the intention of altering them for my crafts. However, as I’ve got a cupboard full of stuff to alter one day in the future, I thought it was time to be realistic and admit that I’ll never get around to doing it! So this will go to Oxfam next week.

One box of lens cleaners for spectacles. I bought these in a cheap shop. There were 30 in the box, I’ve used about 3. They don’t clean my lenses, they make them even more blurry, so I’ve decided to stick with the hot water and washing up liquid in future. These will either go to the Oxfam shop or to the boot fair at the local school in 3 weeks’ time.

Two tubes of moisturizing cream. I’ve had these for a couple of years, and as I very rarely use moisturizer, they have both lost their smell and probably their moisturizing qualities. Also the larger tube has a bit split right at the top, so every time I tried to squeeze some out of the nozzle it rose up to the top of the tube and spilled everywhere! Time to go! These will go to the tip.

A drawer sachet and cushion, both of which have lost their smell so are of no use at all in my undies drawer. The cushion is pretty, so I will give that to the boot fair. The sachet will go in the recycling bag once I’ve emptied the crystals inside onto the garden.

A box of baby wet wipes that have dried up. I use these in my crafts, for cleaning rubber stamps, but because I’ve not done any stamping for ages they’ve all dried up. I think I could probably use them as dryer sheets if I used my dryer, but we tend to dry the washing in a spare room that is heated and has the sun (when it’s out!). So they will go to the boot fair. My daughter is expecting a baby in March and today we bought some refill baby wipes, so I will use the outer box to put the refills in.

And that’s today’s chuck outs. To replace them, today I bought my daughter a pram, a changing mat, about 4 different packs of nappies and some more baby wipes, so it more or less wipes out today’s decluttering, but at least they won’t stay in my house permanently. Once the baby comes everything will be transported to hers!

Don't butter up your kenner pt I

Don't butter up your kenner pt I

April wore her red boots for too many years and now her legsies are a fetching shade of red. Clearasil then Dylon Dye Remover made a fair difference. But they only penetrated so far into the vinyl on April's legs - not deep enough to reach all the staining. They did perfume her legs up nicely.

Next on the list of tactics was butter. Smear lovely butter over the stains and leave in the sun. The theory, I think, is that over days-weeks-whatever it draws out the stains or facilitates fading somehow. Seems fair enough...

...More than anything I worried that poor April would stink of rancid butter after a few days. So I checked how she was going after a day and a half. Nice, no rancid or stale butter, wait...smelling rubber, ack!

Open up my sophisticated ziplock-baggy arrangement for a closer look/smell. Contents as follows:

1. butter not in contact with April - as expected on a chilly morning.
2. butter in contact with April - soft/curdled with rubber smell.
3. liquid residue on April's legs - stinky rubber/latex-ie smell.

Project Butterlegs immediately cancelled and a thorough clean undertaken.

Which brings me to "Don't butter up your kenner pt II" (next pic).

I'll blog specific details later tonight.

how to clean rubber boots

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