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Sharp electronics repair : Water heater repair guide.

Sharp Electronics Repair

sharp electronics repair

  • The branch of physics and technology concerned with the design of circuits using transistors and microchips, and with the behavior and movement of electrons in a semiconductor, conductor, vacuum, or gas

  • Circuits or devices using transistors, microchips, and other components

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  • Electronics is the branch of science and technology which makes use of the controlled motion of electrons through different media and vacuum. The ability to control electron flow is usually applied to information handling or device control.

  • Make good (such damage) by fixing or repairing it

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Step 3 - Remove the OEM focusing screen

Step 3 - Remove the OEM focusing screen

OEM focusing screen comes out next.

I talked to the sales guy @ Vetco - the last local "Mom and Pop" electronics store. He used to work camera repair and said that their standard practice is to invert the camera and shake the dang thing out.

No thanks. Here I used the dental pick to very lightly nudge the edges of the focusing screen. Again, it will swing down toward the mirror.

I am using the tweezers that came with the focusing screen. They are metal, and have very sharp edges on them. Quite frankly, plastic ESD safe tweezers are better, but all the ones in my day job are covered with sticky resin flux residue.

Messed up fan blades. (Repairing a broken mixer)

Messed up fan blades. (Repairing a broken mixer)

The fan blades are really chopped up!

I used a sharp knife to trim down the fan blades a little, trying to make them as smooth as possible.

sharp electronics repair

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