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Floral wall hangings : Birthday flower bouquet.

Floral Wall Hangings

floral wall hangings

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floral wall hangings - Decorative Hooks

Decorative Hooks Floral Motif

Decorative Hooks Floral Motif

a hook you'll never lose them again. A kitchen towel hook helps keep things organized too. Decorative hooks are a time saver for wall decor. These decorative hooks are made of tin, a simple material, but they are anything but simple. The designs on these decorative hooks are vintage advertisements for French products. Put a little history in your wall decor mix with these interesting decorative hooks. The art makes ordinary hooks decorative hooks. Use for decorative kitchen hooks or in any room where you need to hang things. These decorative hooks will fit right in with your kitchen decor. These hooks only take up a little wall space but they do a big job. -Each decorative hook is 3" x 8.5" -Each bar of hooks has 3 hooks. - Imported from France by Decorative Things

79% (15)

Big Bloomin’ Steel Mirror

Big Bloomin’ Steel Mirror

This large brushed steel flower mirror will make you feel like a bumble bee every time you walk up to it. You may also find yourself wearing more black and yellow – or even stripes! But please resist the urge the rub up against it and for the love of all things floral – Do not pollinate it!

• Salvaged steel petals and leaves
• Welded leaf veins
• Brushed steel finish
• 44” diameter

Emrboidered Fabric -- Up Close

Emrboidered Fabric -- Up Close

I made a set of 3 wall hangings using some beautiful floral fabric from an old valance I was getting rid of, matting, and black picture frames. I embroidered onto the fabric, and took the glass out of the frames--they serve as very interesting wall hangings in my kitchen. The center turned out really well---I used a bunch of french knots and satin stitches.

floral wall hangings

floral wall hangings

Command 17042 Sawtooth Picture-Hanging Hooks with Adhesives Strips, 3 Hangers, 6 Strips

Make decorating easier with the Command Sawtooth Picture Hanging Hooks, a damage-free solution for hanging pictures in your home or office. These sturdy hooks support items up to 5 pounds, or frames up to 11 by 17 inches. Thanks to the innovative Command Adhesive strips, you can mount and remount hooks without damaging your walls--no nails, tacks, or tape required.
3M Command Brand Logo
Sawtooth Picture Hanger (White) Value Pack

Weight Capacity: 5 pounds
Capacity: Up to 11x17 inches

Damage-free hanging leaves no sticky residue or stains on your wall
Each hanger holds up to 5 pounds, or frames up to 11 by 17 inches
Apply and remove hooks in seconds
Hold strongly to a variety of surfaces, including paint, wood, and tile
Ideal for hanging frames, pictures, and decorative items

3M Command Brand At a Glance

Command Picture Hangers
A damage-free solution for decorating your home or office.
Innovative, Damage-Free Application
Easy application and removal keeps your walls damage free.
Command Products How-To

Hooks to Hang Frames, Mirrors, Art and More
Ideal for frames and other items with sawtooth backings, these picture hanging hooks allow you to rearrange without fuss. When used with the included large strips, the hooks will hold frames up to 11 by 17 inches or up to 5 pounds. Display photos and artwork in your living room, pictures and favorite memorabilia in a dorm room, and personalize your office by hanging your diploma and awards.
You can easily remove these hangers without damaging the walls, so you're free to experiment with new decorating ideas and change your environment as often as you please.
Simple Application and Damage-Free Removal
Command Picture Hangers and RefillApplying Command Hooks to just about any flat, clean surface is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Allow the adhesive strip an hour to set after application, and you'll be ready to hang any item up to 5 pounds. An ideal alternative to nails, tacks, or tape, Command Adhesive holds strong, yet leaves no sticky residue or stains.
To remove, simply grasp the hook and stretch the Command Strip straight down until the base and strip release from the wall. With Command Hooks, redecorating or relocating items is easier than ever.
About Command Products: A Delight to Use and a Cinch to Remove
3M Command products offer simple, damage-free hanging solutions for many projects in your home and office. Simplify decorating, organizing, and celebrating with an array of general and decorative hooks, picture and frame hangers, organization products, and more.
Each Command product features innovative Command Adhesive Strips, which hold strongly on a variety of surfaces, including paint, wood, and tile. The adhesive removes cleanly, leaving no holes, marks, sticky residue, or stains. Replacement mounting strips are available, so you can use Command products again and again.
What's in the Box
Three Command Sawtooth Picture Hanging Hooks and six large adhesive strips.

Picture & Frame Hangers

3M Command strip Logo
Picture Hanging Strips Small/Medium
Capacity: 4 pounds, up to 8x10 inches (small); 6 pounds, up to 18x24 inches (medium)
Bullet4 small strips, 8 medium strips
Bullet3 sets of strips (White)
Bullet3 sets of strips (Black)
Bullet4 sets of strips (White)
Picture Hanging Strips Large
Capacity: 16 pounds, up to 24x36 inches
Bullet4 sets of strips (White)
Bullet4 sets of strips (Black)

Picture Hangers
Capacity: 5 pounds, up to 11x17 inches
Bullet1 hanger, 2 large strips
Bullet3 hangers, 6 large strips
Bullet3 hangers, 6 strips (for wire-backed)
Bullet1 hanger, 2 strips (for wire-backed)
Sticky Nail Sawtooth Hangers
Capacity: 5 pounds, up to 11x17 inches
Bullet1 hanger, 2 large strips, 2 sets of mini strips
Decorating Clips

Bullet20 clips, 24 strips
Bullet40 strips, 48 clips (Value Pack)

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