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Used camera tripod. Free digital slr camera.

Used Camera Tripod

used camera tripod

Manfrotto tripod 190XDB 2

Manfrotto tripod 190XDB 2

I wanna to show you my new Manfrotto tripod. I bought it last week and I've been trying it ever since. It was quite hard to find cause in my city isn't much variety of shops where you can buy camera accesories. I like this tripod since the first time I saw it!! It isn't very heavy (made with aluminium), is very stable, compact and the maximum height is 1.50 mt.

I also bought the head Joystick 222, and is amazing!! With the head reaches more than 1.60 mt. This head is easy to use, fast, robust, and if you grip the handle you can positioned the camera as you want. I like to go around with the tripod, I shot some incredibles pictures at night!! I'm very happy with the purchase. I recommend this Manfrotto 190XDB tripod. Is superb!
Quiero mostrarles mi nuevo tripode Manfrotto. Lo compre la semana pasado y desde que lo tengo no dejo de probarlo. En mi ciudad fue muy dificil de encontrar porque no hay muchos lugares donde comprar accesorios para la camara. Me gusta desde la primera vez que lo vi!! No es muy pesado (esta hecho con aluminio), es muy estable, compacto y la altura maxima que alcanza es de 1.50 mt.

Tambien compre el cabezal Joystick 222, es increible!! Con el cabezal alcanza una altura superior a 1.60 mt. El cabezal es muy facil de usar, rapido, robusto, y si agarras el mango se puede posicionar la camara como quieras. Me encanta ir por todos lados con el tripode, tome unas fotos increibles de noche!! Estoy muy contenta con la compra y realmente recomiendo este tripode Manfrotto 190XDB, es buenisimo!!

Tripod 119

Tripod 119

diffused ab800 at low power camera left, sb28 bare bulb at 1/8 power camera right
this is a present from my uncle. it's a smith-victor propod iv, and it's pretty awesome.

when i found out i was getting it, i balked because it was expensive. not as expensive as some of the other tripods i've seen, but still, more expensive than i thought any tripod was worth.

i was wrong.

this thing is like that guy in the old sunday kung-fu movies... the one who, when he planted his feet, couldn't be moved. yeah, you know the guy i'm talking about.

when you lock it, it stays locked. no travel, no wiggle, no sway, nothing. it becomes one with itself. it's so zen.

it'll support 22lbs, WAY more than i'll ever need. but it's nice knowing that when a bald eagle uses my camera as a perch, at least the tripod will support it.

so i've had this for maybe a few hours, and i've already nerded out and did a few tests. i took pictures of a light fixture... 200mm, f32, 15sec exposures. one each on the old, plastic cheapo tripod i used to use and this tripod. and you can see the difference. it's amazing.

so if you're wondering if the expensive tripods are worth it, they are. IF you're going to use them. if you just want something to take snapshots with, the cheapo models work just fine. but if you want to do something like star trails, spend the money.

even though i didn't.

used camera tripod

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