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Best Camera Canon Digital

best camera canon digital

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Arizona Flood Jan 2010

Arizona Flood Jan 2010

I got up early this morning before dawn to see how much water we had in our local park from the flooding last night here in Mesa AZ and found it under water.

They had drained it yesterday afternoon and it was full again. I mounted my trusty 5D Mark II and 24-70 F/2.8L lens on the tripod and took this quick shot. No Photoshop here this is right out of the camera except I changed the color in Canon digital photo professional using the eye dropper function, thought it looked better.

Hope you guys didn't get washed out I heard it was the worst storm in 17 years in Arizona. Lord knows we need the rain but wish he would spread it out a little bit.

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Best Parents Ever

Best Parents Ever

My parents are the best ever. Among other gifts I am very, very thankful for this Christmas, I received this.

I will be keeping and continuing to use the point n' shoot, of course; it will continue to live in my purse and be my camera of opportunity, but for the most part, start looking for the camera info off to the side to change soon.

Thanks, Mom & Dad. I love you.

best camera canon digital

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