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Legal Rights For Landlords

legal rights for landlords

    legal rights
  • Many philosophers and political scientists make a distinction between natural rights and legal rights.

  • Rights that are laid down in law and can be defended and brought before courts of law.

  • Rights of all individuals in a society as outlined in the laws of the State

  • Landlord is the owner of a house, apartment, condominium, or real estate which is rented or leased to an individual or business, who is called a tenant (also a lessee or renter). When a juristic person is in this position, the term landlord is used. Other terms include lessor and owner.

  • A person, esp. a man, who rents land, a building, or an apartment to a tenant

  • A person who owns or runs a boardinghouse, inn, or similar establishment

  • The Landlords were an early hardcore punk band from Charlottesville, Virginia, United States.Strong, Martin C. (2003) The Great Indie Discography, Canongate, ISBN 1-84195-335-0, p. 362 The band, consisting of four students from the University of Virginia, was formed at around October of 1983.

  • (landlord) a landowner who leases to others

IMG 000476ps

IMG 000476ps

This coming weekend I have to bring Terrance to my friend's house while my mom sells her house. When I moved into my apartment, my landlord didn't allow pets (a legal grey area), so I left Terrance with my mom until my next move. Then a few weeks ago, she told me that the real estate agent told her that the pets had to go while the house was on the market...because, you know, a parrot is just as bad as a meth lab, cockroaches, or weapons of mass destruction. Anyway, I ranted on Facebook about it and a friend offered to take Terrance while the house was on the market, which was nice of him. I asked the landlord again last week if he minded if I took Terrance in, and he said "Absolutely not". That infuriated me, since he is actually not within his rights to evict me over it, so therefore I could take Terrance into the apartment and be legally safe. But I figured this was not worth a Terrance is going with my friend temporarily.

I trust my friend to look after Terrance, and I know he'll be in good hands...but I did need to get this landlord-pet issue out in the open and expose it to some of your opinions. The thing is, he is legally allowed to say "no pets" in the ad for the apartment for rent...but he is not legally allowed to evict a tenant for having a pet in the apartment, unless it's causing damage or triggering allergies. Now, I've never heard of a bird allergy, and it's especially frustrating to me, since he has two dogs living with him upstairs; one of which is a yappy puppy that has woken me up several times.

I was pretty damn angry last week for a few days...and while Flickr is perhaps not the ideal place to vent about this sort of thing, it's more satisfying to point out someone else's wrongdoing on the Internet, for billions to see, rather than keep it bottled up inside. At this point, I'm going to wait it out and hope karma takes my side in the coming months.

July was a pretty shitty month when it came to looking at apartments, making decisions, and moving in. I had problems with the landlord probably 70% of the times we encountered each other during that period...he had an issue with where we parked; with how much stuff I was bringing in to the apartment; with some minor, minor damage to his driveway that happened when my buddy was moving his stuff in; with keeping the fan on in the bathroom after a shower; with storing stuff in the furnace one point he started chewing me out in front of my brother who was helping me move some stuff...when I went away to Nova Scotia at the end of July, I was so glad to get away from the bullshit. From the time I came back in early August, until last Wednesday, I didn't have any issues whatsoever. Then after I told him about Terrance, it was like "Well, here we go again". We only took this apartment because it was by far the nicest one we saw...I don't like having to drive 3 times the distance to work now; I don't like the fact that it's always cold in here; I don't like the fact that I live in Durham now; and I can't stand the landlord...but I moved here because it was a good middle ground between where I work and where my roommate...used to work...I wanted to live further west in Scarborough, you know, some place more interesting...and now we're stuck here. I have to take a good look at whether the spaciousness and niceness of the physical apartment is worth the bullshit that goes along with's hard writing this when I'm in a decent mood, because it feels like I'm forcing the anger...but it needs to be said. I don't know how long I'm going to be able to live here before I need to get out.



My first subpoena. :) Aren't I the sentimental one?

So what happened is this:

There was a homeless shelter near the college I attended. My apartment was only a mile or so off campus and I'd walk to and from classes a couple times a day.

One night, I guess this guy from the homeless shelter followed me home, got into the hall of my apartment building and stole an envelope I had for the outgoing mail. Turns out it was my rent check, he forged my landlord's signature and tried to cash it. I think they caught him right then and there but it sure caused me a lot of headaches.

I didn't know anything was wrong until I got an angry call from my landlord and then had to jump through a bunch of hoops with my bank to get the money back in my account.

Anyway... don't remember what happened with this. It must have been settled out of court. I never did testify. Don't have a clue what the guy looked like but I've always remembered his name.

legal rights for landlords

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