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Studeni 2011 (18)

09.11.2011., srijeda


Cook duck breasts : Solar cooker construction.

Cook Duck Breasts

cook duck breasts

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PCH Poultry & Market provides the ducks and will skin them for me, saving a lot of time and labor. I've separated the meaty parts for a confit. I'll roast the remaining carcasses, from head to feet, and use most of them for soup stock. (Dogs will get slivers of giblets with their next couple of meals.) I'm rendering the skin for its fat, which I'll put the meat up in. (Dogs or even a salad may get crumbled skin remaining from this process.) I'll take the resulting confit and use it in cassoulet.

Duck Breast with Orange & Cumin Rub [12:365]

Duck Breast with Orange & Cumin Rub [12:365]

Never cooked duck breast before (I have cooked a whole duck). I used a cumin and orange zest rub, but unfortunately used too much salt. So, the skin was a little on the salty side, but the sliced potatoes we grilled in the duck fat didn't need any spicing at all.

cook duck breasts

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