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Cheap Tires For Car

cheap tires for car

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The Mighty Citroen BX-TRI - my first (and now dead) car!

The Mighty Citroen BX-TRI - my first (and now dead) car!

Here's a nostalgic photo of the first car I ever bought - a Citroen 1987 BX-TRI. (I bought it in 1994). Being a European car, it had a lot of features as standard in 1987 that non-European cars didn't start sporting till much later. These included remote central locking, electric sunroof, electronic fuel injection, power steering, and power windows. And, of course, the pneumatic suspension system for which Citroen is famous. My friends were always impressed when I started up the car and it slowly, majestically rose from its lowered position to reveal more of the tyres. The suspension made the ride quite comfortable, too.

Having said all that, it still gave me more trouble than it was worth in the end - I spent so much money fixing it! Eventually it just wasn't worth keeping any more, though I loved the idea of having a quirky car. I now own a sensible if somewhat boring Holden Astra - but it's a lot cheaper to run!

The Citroen's eventual ignominious fate was to be sold to someone who wanted it for parts for his own Citroen. O the shame...

Enid Collins "Cable Car" purse

Enid Collins

Worn out (but cheap!) Enid Collins bag I got at the thrift store yesterday. I have soft spots for cable cars and the color pink, so I HAD to have it....

cheap tires for car

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