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Bumper Repair Costs

bumper repair costs

    repair costs
  • (Repair cost) The cost associated with the replacement or restoration of damaged components. It does not include upgrades of other components triggered by codes and standards, design associated with upgrades, demolition of the entire facility, site work, or applicable project management costs.

  • A generous glassful of an alcoholic drink, typically one drunk as a toast

  • A horizontal bar fixed across the front or back of a motor vehicle to reduce damage in a collision or as a trim

  • a glass filled to the brim (especially as a toast); "we quaffed a bumper of ale"

  • a mechanical device consisting of bars at either end of a vehicle to absorb shock and prevent serious damage

  • An automobile's bumper is the front-most or rear-most part, ostensibly designed to allow the car to sustain an impact without damage to the vehicle's safety systems.

Ford Contour SE Sport (US) at Mt. Rushmore

Ford Contour SE Sport (US) at Mt. Rushmore

In the midst of a two-week mad drive over the western states. I am at the easternmost point of the drive, Mt. Rushmore in western South Dakota.

This 1999 Contour was my first car. As I did not wish to drive another cookie-cutter Japanese sedan just like everyone else in California, I took notice at the Contour, the cheapened North American version of the highly acclaimed European-market Ford Mondeo. To maximize the European "sport" factor I chose an example with a V6 engine *and* a 5-speed manual transmission. Total cost of the vehicle was $16,100 plus tax/fees.

This car was a joy to drive, but caused me many griefs. A year before this moment, it had been involved in a severe frontal crash, and would have been scrapped had it not been for erroneous initial estimates by the body shop causing the insurer to repair, rather than replace, the vehicle. The repair was not to my liking at all, and for that matter, the build and parts quality of the Contour itself, to bring the price down for the US market, was cut-rate. Other motorists would continue to rear-end this car as if I had a "hit me!" target on the rear bumper.

I had to eventually retire the car at only 7 years and 131,000 miles. My mechanic restored the major systems and continues to drive it as his vehicle.

I was known to often refer to this car as "the Scullymobile" - partly because the X-Files was a pop culture cult phenomenon at the time, and Special Agent Dana Scully was known to drive a few Contours on her assignments. Strangely, Special Agent Fox Mulder never drove a Contour, to the best of my knowledge.

She Kiss Volvo Butt

She Kiss Volvo Butt

My fiance used my car to go to work everyday. And on last Tuesday I got a call from her that she hit another car when tailing at traffic jam. I said "Ok" then I ask, "are U Ok" and she said "Yes, I'm Ok. I'm at my work place". So I’m cool...
Then she asks "Don’t U want to ask about ur car?"
"Yeah.. how about the car?"
"I'm just crawling bumper-to-bumper then there's a big gap between me and front car, I just drive it slowly then suddenly the car in front emergency break so I push my break hard but I can’t miss it"
I said "Then.. its ok as long as U r ok".... I ask... "What car U r hit??"
"A Volvo"
"What??!!!?? VOLVO??......I'm speachless...

Thank God my car was not bad enough. There’s no major part broken. But she made me so worried when she said she hit a Volvo. I’ve seen a Volvo hit a Gas Station Pump, the pump and the pole collapse but the Volvo are just fine. Alhamdulillah...

Strobist Info:
SB 600 1/4 in right Zoom 50mm

bumper repair costs

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