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Rare Transformers Toys : Kapow Toys Uk.

Rare Transformers Toys

rare transformers toys

Transformers Vault

Transformers Vault

The Complete Transformers Universe - Showcasing Rare Collectibles and Memorabilia

I must've spent a full hour yesterday calling which local bookstore has this available in their inventory. Luckily, a store within a 30-minute drive (well, one can get there in 10 minutes without the heavy, heavy rush hour traffic) had a copy.

Upon learning that a local toy shop was selling this same book for US$10 more, the drive into heavy traffic was well worth it.

The WFC Cybertronian Optimus Prime was thrown in for size reference.

Project 365 Toys - Generation 1 Swoop (Day 137 of 365)

Project 365 Toys - Generation 1 Swoop (Day 137 of 365)

This Transformers figure is Dinoot Swoop from the Generation 1 line, released in 1985. It is complete and in "well loved" condition. To be honest, this Swoop has seen better days, but I still really like this figure. He's got some paint chipping on his chest and some lost stickers, and his head sometimes falls off, but it's a rare figure and not easily replaced. At least the chrome is in great shape!

rare transformers toys

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