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Pentek Bag Filters - First Order High Pass Filter.

Pentek Bag Filters

pentek bag filters

    bag filters
  • (Bag filter) a fabric bag through which a gas stream is passed for the removal of particulate matter.(044)

  • (Bag Filter) a pressure filter where fabric bags are installed inside a cylindrical housing (pressure vessel) and the filtered liquid is pumped through the bag walls. Liquid flow is from the inside to the outside of the bag - dirt is trapped inside the bag.

  • (Bag filter) A device containing one or more cloth bags for recovering particles from dust laden gas or air which is blown through it.

  • Pentaerythritol is the organic compound with the formula C5H12O4. This white, crystalline polyol with the neopentane backbone is a versatile building block for the preparation of many polyfunctionalized compounds such as the explosive PETN and pentaerythritol tetraacrylate.

pentek bag filters - Bag Filter,

Bag Filter, 155391, BP-410-50 Polypropylene 50 Micron, 4.5" x 10"

Bag Filter, 155391, BP-410-50 Polypropylene 50 Micron, 4.5

- BP-410-50 Polypropylene Bag Filter - Compatible with a Broad Range of Corrosive Fluids Including Organic Solvents, Oils, Acid, Alkalis and Micro-Organisms - Thermally Welded Unique Design Results in Consistent Filtration Efficiencies - Manufactured from Glazed Polypropylene Felt Due to its High Solids Loading Capabilities, in Comparison to Similar Mesh Fabrics - Semi-Rigid Cylindrical Design is Easily Crushed and Incinerated - Higher Productivity - Faster Bag "Change-Outs" - Temperature Rating: 40 °F to 145 °F (4.4 °C to 62.8 °C) - Max Dimensions: 4" x 8-5/8" (102mm x 218mm) - Micron Rating: 1 Micron - Max Temperature: 200°F (93.3°C) - NSF Approved for Material and Structural Integrity

76% (17)



Canon 5D Mark II, Mercedes-Benz, ML, Lurdy, pentek



Canon 5D Mark II, Nissan, Lurdy, pentek

pentek bag filters

pentek bag filters

Pentek 150338, PBH-410-1.5, 10

The Pentek PBH-410, PBH-410-1.5 Bag Filter Assembly Filtration System comes complete with a gauge, wrench, filter basket, and 3/8 drain valve. Bags and stands sold seperately. Also known as part number 150338. The Pentek PBH Series Vessel Assemblies stand out against competitors because of the lightweight corrosion-resistant polypropylene construction that gives strength without the extra weight. This durably constructed bag vessel assembly will also reduce your bag filter change time. The single, large Acme thread closure ensures quick opening and positive sealing. The Pentek PBH-410-1.5 takes standard 4 x 8.25 bags. Bag Vessel Filters reduce a number of things including dirt, rust, sand, silt, sediment, and scale particles. PHB4101.5 Specifications: Max Temp: 100 Farenheit Max Pressure: 100 psi 1.5 inlet/outlet Dimensions: 13 5/8 x 7 1/4 The PBH-410-1.5 Bag Vessel Assembly will take both the Pentek BP-410-5 bag and BP-410-25 filters as well as other brands.

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