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Amateur boxing equipment - Home photography studio equipment.

Amateur Boxing Equipment

amateur boxing equipment

    boxing equipment
  • equipment used in boxing

  • someone who pursues a study or sport as a pastime

  • A person considered contemptibly inept at a particular activity

  • engaged in as a pastime; "an amateur painter"; "gained valuable experience in amateur theatricals"; "recreational golfers"; "reading matter that is both recreational and mentally stimulating"; "unpaid extras in the documentary"

  • an athlete who does not play for pay

  • A person who engages in a pursuit, esp. a sport, on an unpaid basis

amateur boxing equipment - TITLE Amateur

TITLE Amateur Boxing Set 3, S, BL

TITLE Amateur Boxing Set 3, S, BL

Incredible poly dazzle micro construction is the rage in amateur boxing! The perfect blend of poly dazzle micro moisture wicking material is cut thin for a super lightweight, restriction free ring outfit that will impress everyone. Complete with shorts and racerback jersey top. Shorts come with extra wide 4", 7-strand elastic contrast waistband, side stripes, leg slits and extra long length. Jersey is cut in racerback style with shoulder straps they stay secure and wont move. Extra lightweight moisture wicking combo with maxi sheen to help win every bout.

79% (14)

Oregon amateur wine contest

Oregon amateur wine contest

Amateur Wine Contest Prevails

It should not be this complicated, but a quirky reading of an old law put a crimp in Oregon’s amateur wine contests this year. The state fair and a string of county fairs nixed their nod to amateur-made alcohol beverages because as it stands now, home vintners and brewers lose their exemption to produce without a license if the product leaves their home.

New wording for Statute 471.403 should be enacted starting in the January 2011 legislative session, making it once again OK to get a judge at a contest to taste homemade alcohol, evaluate the quality and reward the best.

Trudy Kramer is disappointed with the new reading of the law. She made her first wine in 1970 with her husband Keith. Instantly, they won Best of Show awards at the Columbia County Fair and the Oregon State Fair. Encouraged, they opened Kramer Vineyards in Gaston. Her route is well traveled.

Jim Sanders went from serving his homemade Pinot Noir to Le Cadeau Vineyard owner Tom Mortimer in 2004 to getting a job as his winemaker. Sanders’ 2006 Le Cadeau Equinoxe earned a 93-point score from Robert Parker's The Wine Advocate. Sanders and Mortimer have since launched new brand Aubichon Cellars.

Do-Vino-Yourselfers are also cheered on by Howard Mozeico of Et Fille Wines, another one-time home winemaker now succeeding at the commercial level. Wine Spectator gave Mozeico 92 points for his 2008 Kalita Vineyard Pinot Noir and 90 points for his 2008 Maresh Vineyard Pinot Noir.

Recalling her humble roots, Kramer offers this string of advice to new vintners: Experiment. Smell the wine to know when something is amiss. Read as much as possible. Take classes and join a winemaking club to share questions and answers.

“Winemaking is fascinating, frustrating and exhilarating,” Kramer says. “Always focus on making good wine, not that every wine you make is good, because it won’t be. You can’t have an ego about this.”

Winemaker Kramer has judged amateur contests since 1988 and had to sit it out this year. “It is such a shame [because] the Oregon State Fair Amateur Wine Competition is a wonderful venue to teach.” She says judges’ comments help amateurs learn.

One exception to the wait-and-see group was Bob Bacolas, who organized the amateur winemaking contest for the Jackson County Harvest Fair this Sept. 25-26.

Bacolas, the energetic owner of Grains, Beans and Things in Medford, said: “We’re going to apply the statute as it has historically been done. A lot of vintners started in their garage. Oregon is promoting vineyards and wineries.” [You can read more about the ups–and–downs of home winemaking and the contests at a story in the Oregon Wine Press. See below.]

There were 180 entries this year for homemade wine, beer and soda pop, up from last year.

Here, then, are the winners of the 2010 Amateur Wine Competition as judged by Linda Sue Donovan of Pallet Wine Company in Medford, Lee Mankin of Carpenter Hill Vineyard and Les Martin of Red Lily Vineyards:

Class 1 Lot 1 – Chardonnay
Silver: John and Elizabeth Williams – Medford
Bronze: Douglas Kirkpatrick – Medford

Class 1 Lot Three – Gewurztraminer
Bronze: Douglas Kirkptrick – Medford

Class 1 Lot 6 – Sauvignon Blanc
Silver: Douglas Kirkpatrick – Medford

Class 1 Lot 9 – Muscat
Silver: Richard Schaeffer – Medford

Class 1 Lot 12 – Pinot Gris
Bronze: Porter Lombard – Medford

Class 1 Lot 13 – Reisling
Gold: Janet Joyer – Ashland
Silver: Steve Petovic – Talent

Class 2 Lot 2 – Cabernet Sauvignon
Gold: Jim Knerl – Rogue River
Silver: Douglas Kirkpatrick – Medford
Bronze: Tim Allen – Medford

Class 2 Lot 3 – Malbec
Bronze: Tim Allen – Medford

Class 2 Lot 4 – Mourvedre
Bronze: Don Young – Medford

Class 2 Lot 5 – Pinot Noir
Bronze: John and Elizabeth Williams – Medford

Class 2 Lot 6 – Tempranillo
Gold: Michael Turk – Medford
Silver: Ron Rezek – Ashland

Class 2 Lot 8 – Red Blend
Gold: Michael Turk – Medford
Silver: Goldie Cates – Medford
Bronze: Michael Turk – Medford

Class 2 Lot 12 – Merlot
Gold: Ron Rezek – Ashland
Bronze: Ron Cremo – Medford

Class 2 Lot 13 – Petit Syrah
Gold and Champion Best of Show: Don Young – Medford

Class 2 Lot 14 – Syrah
Gold: Michael Turk – Medford
Silver: Douglas Kirkpatrick – Medford
Bronze: Tim Allen – Medford

Class 2 Lot 15 – Zinfandel
Silver: Jim Knerl – Rogue River
Bronze: Don Young – Medford

Class 4 Lot 1 – Blackberry Wines
Gold: Marty Laine – Medford
Bronze: Andy Laine – Medford

Class 4 Lot 6 – Other Berry Wines
Bronze: Dave Sanderson – Medford

Class 6 Lot 8 – Fruit Wines
Bronze: Tim Allen – Medford

Class 7 Lot 4 – Port
Gold and Reserve Champion Best of Show: Kathleen Jarschke-Schultze – Hornbrook, Ca

Class 8 Lot 1 – Wine Label Art
First Place: Kathleen Jarschke-Schultze – Hornbrook, Ca
Second Place: Lahna Graham – Medford
Third Place: Ron and Joan Cremo – Medford
Homorable Mention: Ron and Joan Cremo – Medford

Oregon Wine Press, October 2010
It Takes a Village
By Janet Eastman

Jim Kurtz is an accidental winemaker. A little ov

Amateur radio 4FB, Athens, Ga., 1924

Amateur radio 4FB, Athens, Ga., 1924

Ham station 4FB operated by Aaron Bush, Athens, Ga., from Radio News, March 1924.
Located at 40 Meigs St., Athens, Ga

"Station 4FB is located at Athens, Ga., 70 miles northeast of Atlanta. Practically the entire equipment is constructed by its owner and operator.
"The four-wire inverted-L antenna is swung between poles placed in two trees, and is 60 feet long, The free end is 75 feet high, while the lead-in end is 50 feet above the ground. Due to the unfavorable nature of the ground, a four-wire counterpoise system 95 feet long, directly under the aerial is used. Large composition insulators are used throughout.
"The transmitter consists of two units. Unit 'A' is the 1/2-K.W. spark set shown in photo. It consists of a Thordarson transformer, .0132 mfd. of Murdock molded condenser, and a rebuilt Wilcox rotor on a variable speed motor. A split-primary OT is used. This is made up of one turn of 4-in copper ribbon, 20 inches in diameter. The gap is efficiently muffled by a cover to permit operation during the early morning hours. When 8-inch coupling is used, the radiation is 3.0 amperes. The maximum working range of this set is 1,000 miles, although the signals were reported heard in England during the past T.A.'s.
"With the advent of the summer season, and accompanying QRN, unit 'B' was installed. This is not shown in the photo, as it obscures the remainder of the apparatus. It is a 10-watt C.W. using rectified A.C. A 24-jar chemical rectifier, with borax solution smooths out the growl in the 60-cycle A.C., and 1,000 volts from a home-made transformer put the kick into the tubes. With 130 millliamperes on the plates, the radiation is 2.8 amps. During the five weeks in April and May in which the set was in operation it was heard in 35 states. Stations 1,000 miles away were worked on several occasions through bad QRN.
"The receiver on the left is entirely home-made. It comprises a special short-wave variometer-variocoupler, three circuit tuner. Vernier variometers are used in grid and plate circuits, and are ideal for C.W. work through QRM. The wave-length range is 140 to 360 meters. Above the tuner is a panel in which are mounted three variable condensers and three D.P.D.T. switches. These condensers may be thrown across the variometers so as to reach the concert waves, or used in connection with the long-wave loose coupler on the extreme left. A detector and one-step amplifier adjacent to the tuner, complete the receiver. The wooden borax box, with Mazda light on top, contains an 80-volt acid-lead storage 'B' battery. The storage battery in the foreground furnishes juice for the relay-key in spark unit.
"The receiver has given very gratifying results indeed. Except for day-light work, most of the C.W. reception is accomplished without any aerial, to minimize QRM and QRN. Almost all the states have been logged, including quite a number of west coast stations. Two 10-watt phones at a distance of 800 miles came in very QSA.
"Due to college QRM, 4FB is on the air only during the spare time of the operator. However, an average of 200 A.R.R.L. messages per month have been handled during the past season."

amateur boxing equipment

amateur boxing equipment

TITLE Masters USA Boxing Competition Gloves, BL/WH, 16

These officially certified USA Boxing Masters Division amateur competition gloves are manufactured with exclusive quad-layer safety foams to reduce shock and offer superior hand protection. Full grain leather shell with white knuckle hitting surface provides excellent results for older athletes. Complete with attached safety thumb, satin nylon hand compartment liner that resists moisture retention and approved quick change hook-and-loop wrist attachment with roll down elastic protective sleeve. Weight exact to 16 oz. for official USA Boxing Masters Division requirements.

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