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Youtube Vietnamese Cooking

youtube vietnamese cooking

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Vietnamese Restaurant, Ong gia va con tre: Bun Sao Nam - Rice Vermicelli with Mushroom Sauce

Vietnamese Restaurant, Ong gia va con tre: Bun Sao Nam - Rice Vermicelli with Mushroom Sauce

The Vietnamese word for Rice Vermicelli (known as ''mee-fun'' or ''bee-fun'' in Chinese and Fukkienese) here cooked with a savory mushroom sauce. Yummie.

Unfortunately the folks at this restaurant don't keep Nuoc Cham, the sweet and sour dipping sauce, handy, and don't provide it when asked for. Not a true Vietnamese restaurant in my book. :P

Vietnamese smile

Vietnamese smile

Vietnamese smile in the cold winter on the road to Babe.

youtube vietnamese cooking

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