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Ab fat reduction : Calories in large eggs : Great ways to lose weight fast.

Ab Fat Reduction

ab fat reduction

ab fat reduction - Make Your

Make Your Body a Fat Burning Machine: 30 Days to a Leaner and Healthier You

Make Your Body a Fat Burning Machine: 30 Days to a Leaner and Healthier You

With cyberspace and the hypnotic pull of television screens keeping us seated and motionless for at least five hours a day, not to mention our passion for rich, greasy, sugar-laden foods, we of the 21st century have evolved into an all-you-can-eat, all-you-can-watch society-even though survey after survey shows we know better, and despite the fact that many of us really and truly want leaner, healthier, more efficient bodies.

At 45 years old and with a body fat level of just five percent, John Abdo, is proof of how simple, healthy lifestyle choices can result in a tighter and leaner body. Trainer of elite athletes such as gold-medal speed skater Bonnie Blair and three-time world power lifting champion Craig Tokarski, Abdo is the inventor of and spokesman for the fastest selling exercise equipment in America: the AB-DOer. Make Your Body a Fat-Burning Machine provides:

*A detailed explanation of how an intelligently designed eating and exercise program can turbo-charge the metabolic process to create an efficient and enduring fat incerator
*An easy-to-understand, nonthreatening exercise program that takes just 10 to 15 minutes at a time yet burns more fat than traditional aerobic exercise
*Nutritional guidelines rather than a rigid diet
*Self assessment tests to help identify needs and track progress
*The 30-Day meltdown: a quick-start exercise and nutrition regimen that enables the loss of up to 25 pounds of fat in the first month
*Low-fat, easy-to-prepare nutritionally balanced recipes
*A troubleshooting guide for dealing with setbacks, adjustments, and time management.

Finally, Make Your Body a Fat Burning Machine provides the information and support needed to incorporate this program and ideas into a permanent way of life.

86% (16)

Reduction Fired Jug

Reduction Fired Jug

This jug is so lovely I've decided to keep it for myself! Hand-thrown in stoneware and fired in a gas kiln in reduction. The detail shows iron oxide brushwork.



A once vibrant group of leaves, reduced to a single dry husk by the harsh winter.

ab fat reduction

ab fat reduction

Rock 'n Roll Stepper: Rock Solid Bottom

Rock on with Rock Solid Bottom for the Rock 'n Roll Stepper!
Do you want to get strong, shapely legs and solid buns with serious rock star style? Then the Rock 'n Roll Stepper, the newest addition to the BodyExpress fitness line, is the perfect program to meet your fitness goals. Tony Little will teach you the proper form in each one-on-one session and keep you motivated on your way to a healthier, more agile body.
The DVD will focus on shaping your butt and thighs to reach a fast solution for a great lower body. Designed to target trouble spots and build lean muscle, Rock Solid Bottom will boost your confidence and your energy.
The Time Clock allows you to progress from beginner to intermediate to advanced. Beginners start with just 4 minutes; intermediate exercisers go to 8 minutes; and advanced Rock 'n Rollers can step it up to a 12 minute workout. With the combination of proper diet and just a few minutes a day, you can make a difference! It's fast, it's easy, and it's fun!

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