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Best Bicycle Touring Tires

best bicycle touring tires

best bicycle touring tires - Panaracer Pana

Panaracer Pana Pasela Tour Guard Bicycle Tire (Wire Bead, 27x1-1/4)

Panaracer Pana Pasela Tour Guard Bicycle Tire (Wire Bead, 27x1-1/4)

Pasela Tourguard is the standard all around touring or urban commuting tire that incorporates Tourguard technology. Its comprehensive size range insures that you can find a Pasela for most any usage. Ride it and trust it.
27" has different tread pattern than other 700c Pasela tires
400D Lite Extra Cord technology increases side-cut resistance while improving the rigidity during cornering
Kevlar belt under tread for flat protection
TourGuard is an Aramid fiber belt placed under the tread to improve puncture resistance, ideal for touring or urban cycling and commuting
Item Specifications
Tire BeadSteel
ISO Diameter630 / 27"
ISO Width36mm
Labeled Size1-1/4
Color Tread/SideBlack/Tan
Tire TypeClincher
Tire Diameter27"
Tire UseRoad
Defined ColorBlack

78% (14)

#389 Heros of the Giro #2 Jos Van Emden

#389 Heros of the Giro #2 Jos Van Emden

It is Long ago that Dutch bicycle made their heroic epos in the Giro. I think this year this will change with a new chapiter and one of the candidates to do so is Jos Van Emden (born 1985). Completely unknown, even in own country, he surprised yesterday with a 12th spot in the time trail. On TV he said, till halfways I did do it relaxed (!!!), cause I was warned not go mad on the crowd. A top ranking after a 50% relaxed run is top.Personally I gamble on a 22 year interval on Dutch heros. I will explain.

1966. Last climbing stage in the Tour de France. "sprinter" Jan Janssen in the yellow Yersey seems to turn into the first Dutch Tour winner. On that climb to Aosta Valley French rider Lucien Aimar made a demarrage. Janssen did not react and waited in the group. 150km with only a few others is a mad house according to him. And he miscalculated really. Janssen believed from Aosta to Torino there was a last climb where he could easily counter attack. There was no last climb and a hard wind in the back in favor of Aimar. A curous hit and run game turned the case. Aimar away with a group, coorporating. Janssen alsmost solo doing the work behind. He lost the tour on 1 minute and some seconds but stole the hearts of the Italians. He never did win the Giro but due to his clever and attacking style of ridng, he is only one of the few samples from a rider achieving a top status in Italy without being superactive there. In Italy Janssen is "bigger" as Joop Zoetemelk, Dutch can hardly imagine. Oh and Janssen did win his tour as he did win in almost every discipline of bicycle riding big prizes, a true allrounder.

22 years later. 5 june 1988. Coldness came over the Giro as the highest pass has to be climbed. Mount Gavia with 2600m. It was the third and most heavy week of the Giro. Riders really get tired and the classement will be made. It started snowing and the peleton turned nervous. Except one man, instead of dressing warm with a jacket he started to drive harder to get warm. It was extra ordinairy as non Sprinter Johan Van der Velde wears the purple yersey for best sprinter. That jersey normally belongs to non climbers. So Many people get confused as he left the group. It was not a game or to get warm, it turned into a serious attack on the leaders position also. In bare pre historic circumstances with snow and thick fog, the peleton has to react but no one would offer him self in this bare conditions. At the top Van der Velde was 2 minutes away and seems to win the stage easily. However He was frozen. He could not put on a jacket. Was wrestlng wit it for minutes. AS the peleton passed in a yacht on him -due to the thick fog no one noticed hiim. So something funny and tragic happend. A crazy yacht on some one already "stopped" with freezing problems. The story ends up some how lucky. Van der Velde managed to finish, Deserved his purple yersey at the end and more important become a hero. Mount Gavia is the highest possible peak in the Giro. Mr Gavia is Johan Van Der Velde. Each time the giro came here, his story will be told. In 2004 it was done in a TV documentary on Dutch TV from Wilfred de Jong

22 years later. 8 may 2010 the Giro starts in Amsterdam. Dutch riders did not impress in last years giro's. Hopefully they get inspired from the start at the home grounds and some one can join the gallery of hero's in bicycle mad Italy as third Dutch rider.....I gamble on Jos Van Emden.

Bike Tour 007

Bike Tour 007

112th Ave at NE 6th St

Induction loops are currently used at almost all of the signals in Bellevue. The loop is nothing more than a wire buried about 2” in the roadway that is in a 6’ square or 6” round shape typically. The loop creates a magnetic field around this wire. When a vehicle, motorcycle or bicycle enters the loop, it provides a conductive path to alter the magnetic field. If the frequency change exceeds the threshold set by the sensitivity setting, the detector module will output a signal to the controller.

The location of the motorcycle or bicycle on the loop has a huge effect on the amount of change created.

There is a common misconception that an inductive loop requires a mass of metal or ferrous material for detection. Placing a single wire around the perimeter of the loop and shorting the ends together will quickly disprove this misconception. The single wire forming a shorted turn provides a current path for the magnetic field; thus causing a loading effect similar to that of a vehicle.

Your wheels each form this shorted turn, so when properly located they can have same or larger effect than a car covering the loop.

The best location is to have the bicycle directly over an edge of the loop.

In Bellevue, we have marked the top edge of the loop with a white “X”. If you line up your bike with your front tire approaching this “X” you should be directly over the wire. You often can see the loop outline from the sawcut sealer in the surface of the roadway.

For round loops the best detection is about ? inside the loop. This aligns your bike to create the biggest change in the magnetic field.

Some Loops shapes you may encounter and their “sweetspots” based on shape and how the loop is wound.

You can increase the amount of change, by laying your bike over at 45 degrees, and even more by laying it down on the loop. This shouldn’t be necessary in Bellevue, but may help in areas with older detection equipment.

best bicycle touring tires

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