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Old Silver Dollar Value : How To Engrave Silver : Wm Rogers Silver Patterns.

Old Silver Dollar Value

old silver dollar value

    silver dollar
  • honesty: southeastern European plant cultivated for its fragrant purplish flowers and round flat papery silver-white seedpods that are used for indoor decoration

  • a dollar made of silver

  • Silver dollar is a common name given to a number of species of Metynnis, a tropical fish belonging to the Characidae family which is closely related to piranha and pacu.

Shelbyville, Tenn.---200th Bicentennial Birthday Festival--July 17, 2010

Shelbyville, Tenn.---200th Bicentennial Birthday Festival--July 17, 2010

The Bedford County Courthouse at Shelbyville, Tenn.

Shelbyville, Tennessee, the county seat for Bedford County, was established by an Act of the Tennessee Legislature, on November 14, 1809, however the town was not located on the high banks of the Duck River until May 2, 1810. The settlement was named for Col. Isaac Shelby (1750-1826), one of the heroes of King's Mountain during the Revolutionary War and first governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. While the Acts do not specify who Shelbyville was named for, old references and local tradition name Col. Isaac Shelby. The Tennessee Legislature in the Acts of 1809 named John Atkinson, William Woods, Barkley Martin, Howel Dawdy and Daniel McKissick as commissioners for locating the permanent county seat for Bedford County. Nine days later, on November 23, Benjamin Bradford and John Lane were appointed additional commissioners. The 1809 Act served as a guideline to be used by the commissioners in locating the county seat, enacting power to commence locating on January 1, 1810, a site on Duck River within two miles of the center of Bedford County. It was enacted to purchase 100 acres and lay said land off into lots to be sold at public sale.

Amos Balch in whose home the courts of Bedford County were presently being held, about two miles southwest of present day Shelbyville, and the Galbreath family each offered fifty acres of adjacent land as a donation for the site of Shelbyville.

During the same time, Clement Cannon, Sr. (1783-1860) a citizen of Williamson County, Tennessee, had learned of the Tennessee Assembly's action. Having an alert mind and a profitable idealogical value of land, especially if a town site was located within the center, Cannon, a brother of future Tennessee governor Newton Cannon, packed on thousand dollars in silver in his saddle bags one early morning in March of 1810, and rode horseback to Cabarrus County, North Carolina. While in North Carolina, Cannon purchased one thousand acres of land located on Duck River in Bedford County, Tennessee from Robert Washington Smith for one thousand dollars. The transaction took place on March 23, 1810. Upon Cannon's return from North Carolina, he immediately offered to donate to the commissioners 100 acres for the town site of Shelbyville. The commissioners studied the Balch and Galbreath 100 acre donation and the Cannon 100 acres donation and the water supply that both donations required. The Balch and Galbreath donation had the Balch springs and the Cannon's donation had the Big Spring Branch. The water supply for both donations had adequate water for public use but still, the Acts of 1809 stipulated that the site for the town was to be located in the center of the county, or within two miles of the center, or as near as possible. The Balch and Galbreath 100 acres was close enough to be accepted, but the Cannon 100 acres was at the center of the county and was accepted by the commissioners. Clement Cannon deeded the 100 acres to the commissioners on May 2, 1810 and from this donation the town of Shelbyville was born. Actually, Clement Cannon was not the single founding father of Shelbyville. He, with the seven commissioners are considered to be the founding fathers.

Two hundred years later, a group of interested citizens got together and made plans to celebrate and recognize the 200th Bicentennial Birthday. The group did not select May 2, but instead selected and set aside the date, Saturday, July 17, 2010 to honor our past and to give celebration to the birth of our beautiful city of Shelbyville, Tennessee. Jerry W. Cook

Rural Values

Rural Values

small town residents and country folk usually keep their racism well-hidden, with whispers and private conversations, never anything out in the open. you can overhear it sometimes in restaurants or bars, and occasionally it will sneak out anonymously, as you see here.

after taking this pic and a few others for coverage, i turned to leave only to see a pickup driving down the road directly between me and my car. there was a middle-aged farm couple inside, both of them glaring at me. at first i was dead scared, thinking they were going to stop and accost me, or maybe call the police. but then i realized this was the first i'd seen this graffiti, and they probably lived near there and had seen it many times (the paint is old enough to have been faded by the sun), but done nothing. a can of silver spray paint costs maybe three dollars, and even if it wasn't their property they should have been sufficiently ashamed of their neighbors to have covered it up. i decided they were in the greater wrong, and glared right back at them.

some people will tell you small towns are all norman rockwell and john phillips sousa; never believe it for a second.
technical stuff: i need to spend maybe 30 seconds after i see a subject to think about how i want it to look as a photo, then revise those ideas as i'm shooting. having a basic preliminary "sketch" in mind would help me avoid simple mistakes like the slanting horizon in this shot, and also help me get in the best position for the shot.

i think i get nervous, especially with a subject like this, and rush just to get it through the lens. a lot of my bad exposures could be fixed this way too, by spending just a second or two to find a midtone instead of relying on evaluative metering.

if i had this to do over (and i don't, because i don't remember where this was; it was remote), i'd pause before even getting out of the car, then i'd step maybe six feet to the left of this viewpoint to get a better angle on the bins and not have them so compressed in the frame, and meter the shadows on the left bin.

it's all well and good to think about these things after the fact, but i need to be making sure i think about them before it's too late to do anything about it.

old silver dollar value

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