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Recumbent Bike Touring : Trek Folding Bicycles.

Recumbent Bike Touring

recumbent bike touring

    recumbent bike
  • type of bicycle with a seated cycling position.

  • A recumbent bicycle is a bicycle that places the rider in a laid-back reclining position. Most recumbent riders choose this type of design for ergonomic reasons; the rider's weight is distributed comfortably over a larger area, supported by back and buttocks.

  • A bike in the seated position usually has two wheels and powered by pedaling with your legs although some are hand powered. Also referred to as bents.

  • Make a tour of (an area)

  • Take (a performer, production, etc.) on tour

  • (tour) a journey or route all the way around a particular place or area; "they took an extended tour of Europe"; "we took a quick circuit of the park"; "a ten-day coach circuit of the island"

  • make a tour of a certain place; "We toured the Provence this summer"

  • (tour) go: a time for working (after which you will be relieved by someone else); "it's my go"; "a spell of work"

recumbent bike touring - Kenda Tire,

Kenda Tire, Kwest High Pressure 16 x 1.5 Black/Black Steel

Kenda Tire, Kwest High Pressure 16 x 1.5 Black/Black Steel

The Kenda Kwest High Pressure Road is designed with a smooth rounded tread with large water dispersion grooves.
The Kwest High Pressure Road Recumbent tire is constructed of a steel bead and rates at a max of 100 PSI
Kenda does not endorse the use of any fluid-based sealant products in any Kenda tube-type or tubeless-type tires. Use of any fluid-based products will void any warranty claims
Item Specifications
Tire BeadSteel
ISO Diameter305 / 16" BMX
ISO Width38mm
Labeled Size1.5
Color Tread/SideBlack/Black
Tire TypeClincher
Tire Diameter16"
Tire UseRoad
Defined ColorBlack

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Me on my recumbent before the start of the 5 boro bike tour, courtesy of Bitchcakes.
Yes it's comfortable. Only way to describe them is 'lawnchair on wheels.'

Quick history: I bought it back in '93 or so. Made by a company called Infinity out of Mooresville, Indiana, they stopped production about 10 years ago. They are one of the few aluminum-frame long-wheelbase (LWB) recumbents, so it's actually pretty light.
Then last year I went on a buying spree and picked up 4 more of them on Craigslist all around the country. They were relatively inexpensive.
I can't build them up until I either find more of those handlebars or make bars myself. They come with 'under-seat steering' handlebars, which involves two steel cables that attach to the fork. No likey the USS. But if I make them I have to learn aluminum welding first. So there's another project on my list.

WAW adelaide 2007 342

WAW adelaide 2007 342

walk against warming, adelaide, south australia, november 11th, 2007

mark parnell, greens MLC in the state upper house, about to cycle home - note the well-travelled hand-built touring recumbent

recumbent bike touring

recumbent bike touring

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