When a surrealist meets a realist


Echoes in the sunlight, maps of denied thoughts.
Sun is shining thinking of forbidden love.
Endless agony, deepest black oceans of desire.
Wanting to jump, to be gone, never matter.
Leave me alone just let me disappear.

Shadows of reality, strange abandoned silhouettes.
Dancing in the moonlight, just - existing.
Desire to be alive, survival is optional.
Flying high, falling in your arms.
Strong, like a rock, hurting me…. Saving me.

This synchronicity is painful. Above and beyond understanding.
Indestructible force inside, connecting us to something more.
Egocentric or not I am here you can't deny that.
Certainty prevails.
Black queen is dancing alone, waiting for the white knight.
Venera dances around the Mercury, shameless theory.
Circle is closed - forever damned to run around.
Intuition is born without serendipity.
Guilty luck, forceful cage.

Wind is running through my hair.
Feeling so strong, strong and safe.
I am who I am, no one else.
Dancing with you this is the dream, without shame,
without hiding it.
Sureness of right vs. wrong encompasses me.
Trapped - yet free, how can that be??

Wrongful connections making lawful bonds.
How can something so wrong make me feel so right?
How can I be a realist when all I see is magic?

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