JOHN FOGERTY - Fogerty's Factory (2020)

“There’s nothing like family during a crisis,” John Fogerty says. And that’s something he certainly found out this year. For the Creedence Clearwater Revival frontman and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, the Covid-19 pandemic gave birth to Fogerty’s Factory, a “little family band” with sons Shane (a regular member of his tour band) and Tyler and daughter Kelsy. Starting during the spring, the quartet began a weekly YouTube series covering CCR and Fogerty songs including a rendition of “Centerfield” taped on Fogerty’s 75th birthday, May 28, in center field at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles that led to an NPR Tiny Desk concert and a SiriusXM radio special. Now it’s resulted in a “Fogerty’s Factory” album, a 12-song set whose cover recreates the front of 19702s acclaimed “Cosmo’s Factory” by CCR. And while Fogerty’s in pandemic drydock like so many of his peers, he’s both happy and surprised to have an album to show for a year of enforced hiatus. “I never foresaw this coming especially, let’s say, in a professional way,” he says by phone from his home in southern California. "It was so much fun, and what it’s got going for it is it’s so innocent. The thing is so unpretentious, and we’re just having fun. It’s like a campfire sing or something like that. It isn’t like, ‘Well, one day we’re gonna play Madison Square Garden.’ “It’s just something we enjoy doing, and people seem to enjoy it, too.”





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