BLACK SABBATH - The Complete 70's Replica CD Collection 1970 - 1978 (2001)

The complete 70's replica CD collection covers eight albums from 1970-78 by one of the world's greatest bands. In the field of HM they have become legendary and this collection shows the era with Ozzy singing, which for some has never been surpassed. These albums weave a complicated path through changes in style covering sadness, fantasy, sinister evil, sci-fi and social problems as well as other themes. Black Sabbath stands out in originality. There is nothing unoriginal in all eight albums from the intricate solos and chord progressions, to the beautiful lyrics or bass lines. These masterpieces have been faithfully remastered and now sound as good as they ever will.


BLACK SABBATH - The Singles 1970 - 1978 (2000)

This set is a collection of 6 popular singles released by Black Sabbath from 1970-1978 (note list above, song 1 on the Cd is the A side and 2 would have been "the B side). Included is a nice mini poster of the cover art of different singles released around the world. Unfortunately, for 6 Cds, only 12 songs total in this set. They are packaged in the Neat replica CD sleeves. This is a great companion to the Import Black Sabbath Replica CD collection. Not a necessity for a Sabbath fan, but for a Hardcore sabbath fan, this is a cool little addition to the collection.




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