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The debut solo album from Marcus King, El Dorado, is a revelation. Passionate, penetrating and deeply soulful, it weaves soul music, gospel, R&B and country into a something modern and classic. Teaming with producer Dan Auerbach (The Black Keys) for sessions at Auerbach’s Easy Eye Studio in Nashville, the pair co-wrote the 11 songs on El Dorado along with esteemed writers on various tracks including Pat McLaughlin, Paul Overstreet and Ronnie Bowman. It’s remarkable then, given the album’s dazzling musical pedigree, that its Marcus’ next-generation talent that brings it all together and makes the album so special. King started the Marcus King Band at age 15. Within just a few years, Warren Haynes released the group’s first album. When Auerbach heard King, though, he thought his sound could translate even beyond the jam-band world. He invited King to Nashville, pushed him to record solo, and wrote songs with him on the acoustic guitar. “I think it was really nice for him to get into the studio and let his guard down, mix it up with some different musicians,” says Auerbach. “We wrote as many songs as we possibly could and just let the cream rise to the top.” “I feel really proud of it,” King says of the new album.

At 23, a star is born.






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