BILLY RANKIN - Growin' Up Too Fast (1984)

Billy Rankin is a Scottish guitarist and rock musician active in the 1980s and 1990s. Best known for his work with Nazareth (1980–83 & 1990–94), he also had a successful solo career, including a US hit single "Baby Come Back". Rankin was part of multimedia group "Team Rock" prior to it going into administration in 2016. Classically trained, Rankin played cello at school and was granted a Scottish Region Music Scholarship in 1971, but preferred rock music to classical as he said in an interview, 'I was probably earning more than my cello teacher and learning more than he could ever teach me just by being in a rock band.' His first band Phase played the Scottish pub circuit when he was only 15 years old and, in 1978, he joined Zal Cleminson's Zal Band, featuring members of The Sensational Alex Harvey Band. He joined Nazareth in 1980, and appeared on their albums Snaz (1981), 2XS (1982) and Sound Elixir (1983) before leaving the band.

Rankin issued a solo album Growin' up Too Fast in 1984, and had a hit single that reached #52 on the Billboard Hot 100 with "Baby Come Back", taken from the album. A follow-up album called Crankin was released in Japan only in 1985, but with little success. He rejoined Nazareth in 1990, and recorded No Jive (1991) and Move Me (1994) before leaving the band again in 1994. As well as guitar, he also occasionally played keyboards. After leaving Nazareth, he played at the Mick Ronson Memorial Concert, issued on CD in 1997. He also appears on a number of Nazareth retrospective and compilation albums, including Rock Ballads (1998), Back to the Trenches (2001), Live in Texas '81 (2004), The River Sessions (2004) and Hair of the Dog - Live (2007). His latest solo album Shake was released in 1999.



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