DANNY BRYANT - Means Of Escape (2019)

Right now, so many of our biggest and best “blues rock” stars (for want of a better phrase) are experimenting with all kinds of different styles and so forth. King King went down a classic rock route for their last one, Kris Barras just has with his, Laurence Jones, has moved away from his roots and into some different areas, Bonamassa likewise (although he does so many that you are never sure what hat he is wearing) and Kenny Wayne Shepherd’s last album, although fantastic, was heavily southern rock influenced. It is telling then, that on “Means Of Escape”, Danny Bryant has remained resolutely true to himself and the music he loves. He produced this himself. From which we can deduce perhaps, that “Means Of Escape” was his vision. His deep love for blues is shot through it. And if he uses music to escape, then Danny Bryant has seldom sounded freer – or better – than this. It’s tempting to view Danny Bryant’s ‘Means Of Escape’ as a conceptual title, reflecting the view that whatever changes he’s been though in his life, it’s his chosen profession as a musician that provides him with all the focus and creativity he requires in which to direct his considerable talents. It’s also an album that works hard to strike a balance between his natural rock-blues instincts and those of an Americana balladeer. And while he doesn’t quite have the voice to stamp his own DNA on his better crafted songs, there’s no denying the veracity of his heart felt lyrics...



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