JIMMIE SPHEERIS - Isle Of View (1971) + The Original Tap Dancing Kid (1973) [2008]

Jimmie Spheeris (1949 - 1984) was an American singer-songwriter who released four albums in the 1970s on the Columbia Records and Epic Records labels. His debut LP, Isle of View, was issued on Columbia in 1971 and made him the subject of a rabid cult following, a fan base boosted with the 1973 release of The Original Tap-Dancing Kid. In tandem with producer Henry Lewy, Spheeris resurfaced in 1975 with The Dragon Is Dancing, but after The Ports of the Heart appeared a year later, he found himself without a recording contract, and excepting a 1980 single, "Hold Tight," he released no new music for close to a decade. Finally, in 1984, Spheeris returned to the studio to begin work on his comeback LP; tragically, he was killed by a drunk driver on the morning of July 4, 1984, just hours after the record's completion. The album, simply titled Spheeris, was privately issued later that same year.



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