LUCIFER'S FRIEND - Too Late To Hate (2016) & Black Moon (2019)

Lucifer's Friend is a hard rock band, formed in Hamburg in 1970 by guitarist Peter Hesslein, singer John Lawton, bassist Dieter Horns, keyboardist Peter Hecht, and drummer Joachim Reitenbach. The group was an early practitioner of heavy metal and progressive rock; they also incorporated elements of jazz and fusion into their music, especially in their fourth album Banquet of 1974. Beyond heavy metal, the band has been cited, too, as one of the pioneers of doom metal, helping to define both genres due to their heavy sound and dark oriented lyrics of their acclaimed debut Lucifer's Friend of 1970, and returning to their roots in 1981 with Mean Machine, although more influenced by speed metal. Although Lucifer's Friend played a lot of musical styles during their career including hard rock, soul, funk rock, jazz fusion, AOR and progressive rock, they also ventured into early heavy metal on their 1970 self-titled debut as well as some of their early '80s material. Originally the band was called Asterix and released a self-titled psychedelic-oriented album in 1970, but the name was soon changed to Lucifer's Friend. In August of 2014, John Lawton announced the reunion of the band's original lineup to tour in 2015 after almost 40 years since their last gig.

2016 release from the veteran rock band. Original members John Lawton (ex-Uriah Heep), Peter Hesslein and Dieter Horns thrilled fans when they put Lucifer's Friend back together in 2015. They've been headlining rock festivals ever since, but this is their first true new studio album since 1981! A bonus live version of "When You're Gone" joins "Demolition Man," "I Will Be There," "Sea of Promises," "Tears" and more.

If ‘Black Moon’ doesn’t quite reach the heady heights/atmosphere of the early 1970s when John Lawton released a string of albums pre-Uriah Heep, we still have no right to expect a brand new offering in 2019. Lucifer’s Friend also features the two original members Peter Hesslein and Dieter Horns who both have the distinction that they formed the basis of James Last’s rhythm section and a parallel career playing “non-stop dancing” with the German pop bandleader.


LUCIFER'S FRIEND - Too Late To Hate (2016) @320

LUCIFER'S FRIEND - Black Moon (2019) @320

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