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The never-released, full-length show captures the rock band performing in the German city on September 2nd, 1998 and includes a mix of the Stones’ greatest hits as well as tracks from their then-new LP Bridges to Babylon. The trek also featured the Rolling Stones letting fans vote for songs on the band’s setlists through the band’s website for the first time; at the Bremen gig, fans chose “Memory Motel.” The album’s recordings have been restored from the original masters, and the audio remixed and remastered from the live multitrack recordings. The show, to a relatively intimate (for the Stones) audience of 40,000 was also beamed to a multi-million audience via a TV special seen across Europe and beyond. It featured an epic 155-minute set featuring countless classics from their catalogue as well as the then-new tracks from the current album ‘Flip The Switch,’ ‘Anybody Seen My Baby,’ ‘Saint Of Me’ and ‘Out Of Control.’ The release of Bridges To Bremen follows the 19 April appearance of the new best-of compilation Honk, which gathers 36 essential tracks from 1971’s Sticky Fingers to 2016’s Blue & Lonesome. The deluxe edition adds ten live tracks recorded around the world on the band’s recent tours.



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