V.A. - The Strat Pack: Live In Concert (2005)

In 1954, Leo Fender gave the electric guitar a new sound and look that fully set it apart from its acoustic counterpart with the invention of the Fender Stratocaster, a solid-body electric axe with a revolutionary three-way pickup system and a modern, streamlined design that was like nothing else on the market at the time. Early rock 'n' rollers such as Buddy Holly and Dick Dale quickly embraced the Stratocaster, and since then it has become the guitar of choice for legendary players such as Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Keith Richards, Bonnie Raitt, Mark Knopfler, and dozens of others. The Strat Pack: Live in Concert documents a special concert held at London's Wembley Arena in the fall of 2004, in which a stellar lineup of great rock guitarists came out to say "Happy 50th Birthday" to the Stratocaster. Performers include Joe Walsh, Ron Wood, David Gilmour, Brian May, Albert Lee, Hank Marvin, and many more.

The concert was edited and mixed into full surround sound in David Gilmour's home studio, the Astoria houseboat, by David himself and Andy Jackson. It is a whopping two and a half hours long - the main aspect that has been edited out is David Jensen's onstage introduction of the artistes, along with a few tracks from some of the lesser performers on the bill. The show features a broad range of different guitarists. There are obvious omissions from the line-up - no Eric Clapton, no Jeff Beck (a last minute cancellation) - but that's a small quibble. The performances throughout are strong enough that all thoughts of what might have been are banished.



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