SPLINTER - Hari + Splinter’s Dark Horse (1974) [2008] & Harder To Live (1975) [2015]

Splinter were a two-man vocal group from South Shields, England, consisting of Bill Elliott (William Elliott) and Bobby Purvis (Robert J Purvis), who formed in the early 1970s. They were connected with ex-Beatle George Harrison, and had groups of instrumentalists to back them on each album. Splinter was the first act signed to Harrison's Dark Horse Records label, when it was partnered with A&M Records. The band's sound has often been likened to that of The Beatles (particularly Harrison and John Lennon) and Badfinger. The duo's biggest success came with their debut album, the critically admired The Place I Love (1974), which contained the hit single "Costafine Town". The Place I Love, Harder to Live and Two Man Band have been remastered and reissued on compact disc on the Big Pink Music label from South Korea. The remainder of Splinter's catalogue is out of print and has yet to be issued on compact disc. The Place I Love took eighteen months to record and was first released on September 20th, 1974 (UK) and September 25th, 1974 (US) it had the distinction of being the very first album on the Dark Horse label. It peaked at #81 on Billboard and produced their only top 100 single in the US with “Coastafine Town” which hit #77 on Billboard. In addition to Harrison, Splinter are joined by a stellar cast of backing musicians including Alvin Lee, Billy Preston, Gary Wright, Jim Keltner, and Klaus Voorman.

Splinter's second release on Dark Horse had a lot less involvement from George Harrison, which is felt throughout the album. This means that the album is not as strong as their debut (1974's The Place I Love), but it is still a very good album. Splinter is comprised of Bill Elliot and Bobby Purvis, both vocalists, who create a beautiful harmony together. They also managed to form a tight, talented, and famous backup band, arranged by the ever-talented Tom Scott (who also contributes musically).

Included in the band is Chris Spedding providing strong guitar, and Harrison, who contributes production and guitar (under the name Hari Georgeson) to the wonderful and moving "Lonely Man," which was also the theme to Harrison's first venture into film producing, Little Malcom and His Strle Against the Eunuchs. It is also co-written by Mal Evans and is by far the strongest track on the album. Other highlights include the beautiful "Green Line Bus" and "Berkley House Hotel," which harkens back to the folk sound of their debut.


SPLINTER - Hari + Splinter’s Dark Horse (1974) [2008] @320

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