SANTANA - The Birth Of Santana: The Complete Early Years (2003)

For more than three decades, the band Santana, led by guitar virtuoso Carlos Santana, have fused rock, blues, and Latin styles into a percussive, colorful and unique collage of sound. A 2-CD collection of the complete studio recordings from legendary rock act Santana made prior to their self-titled debut album! Features an early incarnation of the Top 40 hit Jingo plus Soul Survivor and many more! These recordings feature original Santana guitarist Neil Schon and keyboardist Gregg Rolie, both of whom would later go onto massive success with Journey!

Recorded in 1969 at Pacific Recording Studios in San Mateo, CA, the recordings on this collection are thought to be the original demo tapes that landed the band their deal with Columbia records, just a few short months prior to the band s magnificent performance at Woodstock. An early incarnation of Jingo, the Top 40 single from Santana s self-titled debut album, appears here as does Soul Sacrifice, the track performed at the aforementioned Woodstock festival. This collection features the guitar work of a young Neil Schon, who would go on to platinum success with the arena act Journey. Yes, friends, San Mateo is where it began and now fans of all ages have the opportunity to own this incredible snapshot of a band about to become a legend...Santana!



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