GEORGE HARRISON - The Apple Years 1968-75 (2014)

The Apple Years 1968–75 is a box set by English musician George Harrison, released on 22 September 2014. The eight-disc set compiles all of Harrison's studio albums that were originally issued on the Beatles' Apple record label. The six albums are Wonderwall Music (1968), Electronic Sound (1969), All Things Must Pass (1970; spread over two CDs), Living in the Material World (1973), Dark Horse (1974) and Extra Texture (1975). The final disc is a DVD containing a feature titled "The Apple Years", promotional films from some of his previous posthumous reissues, such as The Concert for Bangladesh, and other video clips. The box set marks the first time that the Dark Horse and Extra Texture albums have been remastered since their 1992 CD release. Among the bonus tracks spread across the set is an alternative, instrumental version of Harrison's 1968 B-side for the Beatles, "The Inner Light"; a remixed version of his non-album single "Bangla Desh"; and a 1992 re-recording of "This Guitar (Can't Keep from Crying)" (featuring overdubbed contributions from Ringo Starr and Dhani Harrison) that was used to promote Dave Stewart's Platinum Weird project in 2006. Also included in the package is a book containing essays by author Kevin Howlett and rare photos. The box set was designed as a companion piece to The Dark Horse Years 1976–1992, the 2004-issued set covering Harrison's career on his Dark Horse record label. Speaking of why his father's later-period work had been repackaged first, rather than the complete Apple output, Dhani Harrison referred to "politics and legal things", while likening the non-chronological approach to that of the Star Wars film series.



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