Storyville was a blues-rock band formed in 1994 in Austin, Texas, USA. Drummer Chris Layton and bassist Tommy Shannon, former members of Arc Angels and the rhythm section for Stevie Ray Vaughan's band Double Trouble, formed the band with Malford Milligan after a jam session at Antone's. After releasing an album on November Records in 1994, the band won a total of nine Austin Music awards; they became stalwarts on the local music scene and toured nationally. They subsequently signed to major label Atlantic Records, for whom they recorded two albums before breaking up. The single "Born Without You", from their 1998 release Dog Years, reached #28 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart.

Storyville's second album, Piece of Your Soul, is a gritty Texas blues record, but it's delivered with enough rock & roll savvy to crossover into the mainstream. That's not to say that the group has watered-down the greasy roadhouse R&B that is their stock and trade they simply inject it with a shot of feverish rock & roll energy, and that's what makes Piece of Your Soul a successful follow-up to the award-winning debut, The Bluest Eyes.

Storyville don't change their tune much on Dog Years, their first major-label effort and third album overall. Granted, the album has a slicker sound than its predecessors, but at its core it remains a hard-rocking blend of Texas blues-rock and Southern rock. The primary pleasure of Dog Years is hearing the band play. David Grissom and David L. Holt may not be distinctive guitarists, but they're solid musicians, pushing the record in the right direction. The songs themselves aren't particularly memorable, but there's enough energy in the hard rockers (the ballads fall a little flat) to make it an enjoyable, contemporary Southern blues-rock record.


STORYVILLE - Bluest Eyes (1994) @320

STORYVILLE - A Piece of Your Soul (1996) @320

STORYVILLE - Dog Years (1998) @320

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