BILL WYMAN - Stone Alone (1976)

Stone Alone is an album by Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman. It was released in 1976 by Rolling Stones Records. The album reached number 166 on the Billboard 200.Van Morrison plays the saxophone in "A Quarter to Three". Joe Walsh, Dr. John, Ron Wood, Al Kooper, Nicky Hopkins and Jim Keltner played on the album.

In a retrospective review, AllMusic rated the album one and a half stars out of five. They noted "Apache Woman" and "Quarter to Three" but cautioned that "highlights like these are few and far between and this problem reduces Stone Alone to a curio that should only be sought out by Bill Wyman fans and Rolling Stones completists." They criticized the album for lacking "the focus and solid songs of the previous album and ends up feeling like the typical rock star's ego-trip side project. Stone Alone can't be faulted for ambition, though: nearly every song tries out a different musical style ('50s-style rock, disco, and reggae) and Wyman enlists a veritable who's who of guest musicians (everyone from Dr. John to Al Kooper to Joe Walsh) to bring the songs to life."



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