JOHN ENTWISTLE - Thunderfingers: The Best Of (1996)

Thunderfingers: The Best of John Entwistle is a compilation album by John Entwistle, who was the bassist for The Who. The album was released in 1996 by Rhino Records John Entwistle's debut and final record to be released by that company.

When Allmusic rated the album they said: "As a solo artist separate from the Who, John Entwistle has never been more than a cult figure. His solo music rocks harder than Pete Townshend's, and, at least initially, what he lacked as a singer he more than makes up for in the sheer weirdness of his lyrics. This 18-song collection may make a few converts, showcasing the best songs from five albums cut between 1971 through 1981. The five songs off Smash Your Head Against the Wall are the best tracks here, while a surprising amount of the rest is Entwistle's retro-inspired parodies of vintage rock & roll, most notably "Roller Skate Kate" (a dark-humored parody of numerous late-'50s/early-'60s teen death songs) and "Mad Dog" (paying tribute to "My Boyfriend's Back"). "Drowning" has a few obvious remarks about songwriting, and "Fallen Angel" could easily be a statement by Entwistle about his own status as a rock star. "Too Late the Hero" makes a sufficiently somber coda, with some very dense electronic orchestrations and catchy choruses highlighting an eerie, bittersweet song about life's disappointments.



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