JANUS - Gravedigger (1972) [1992, with bonus tracks] + [2CD Edition, Remaster & Remix, 2013]

There are many one album wonders that emerged from the heady days of the summer of love social phenomenom of the late sixties. Some bands even lost concept of time and prolonged it well into the '70s and to quote a line from This Is Spinal Tap ended up in " the where are they now? file". Janus was one such band and their 1972 album entitled Gravedigger was one of those wonder albums. Though it may not be up there with the Beatle's Butcher Album it has been known to fetch ridiculous prices (as much as $350) at record conventions and internet record trading sites. The early misadventures of Janus even rival the ficticious rock 'n' roll catastrophes of Spinal Tap. So, where are they now? One might ask. 7 albums have come to pass between 1990 and 2006. In 2012 mastermind and guardian of the Janus flame, Colin Orr, regrouped the band once more for another album that revisits the glorious '70s. 40 years after it's creation Janus came full circle, living up to it's namesake Janus, the Roman God who looks forwards and backwards.

Legendary band that produced a solitary inventive 1972 album that has achieved cult status as a Krautrock classic becoming a coveted collector's item. In the 1990s & 2000s the band returned with a new formula creating music that featured unusual stylistic fusions.



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