THE MARSHALL TUCKER BAND - Where A Country Boy Belongs (2006)

The Marshall Tucker Band is an American rock band from Spartanburg, South Carolina. Noted for incorporating blues, country and jazz into its eclectic sound, The Marshall Tucker Band helped establish the Southern rock genre in the early 1970s. While the band had reached the height of its commercial success by the end of the decade, the band has recorded and performed continuously under various lineups for 45 years. The original lineup of the Marshall Tucker Band, formed in 1972, included lead guitarist, vocalist, and primary songwriter Toy Caldwell (1947–1993), lead vocalist Doug Gray (born 1948), keyboard player, saxophone player, and flautist Jerry Eubanks (born 1950), rhythm guitarist George McCorkle (1947–2007), drummer Paul Riddle (born 1953), and bassist Tommy Caldwell (1949–1980). They signed with Capricorn Records and in 1973 released their first LP, The Marshall Tucker Band. After Tommy Caldwell was killed in an automobile accident in 1980, he was replaced by bassist Franklin Wilkie. Most of the original band members had left by the mid-1980s to pursue other projects. The band's current lineup consists of Gray on vocals, keyboard player, saxophonist and flautist Marcus James Henderson, guitarists Chris Hicks and Rick Willis, bassist Tony Black and drummer B.B. Borden.

After releasing a rather impressive (if not plentiful) double-disc Anthology session a year prior, Shout Factory! followed up in 2006 with Where a Country Boy Belongs. Like Anthology, it's a two-disc, 32-song affair spanning the group's entire career, including two brand new compositions, which is worth the purchase price alone for dedicated, die-hard fans. But that's where the comparisons predominantly cease. There's a lot of crossover material here, which might put off those who have purchased other greatest-hits compilations for the group. But there's also bases that Anthology failed to cover, and there are also singles that have gotten the once over yet again and have failed to be included, like 1975's "This Ol' Cowboy," 1978's "Dream Lover," 1980's "It Takes Time," 1983's "A Place I've Never Been," and 1987's "Hangin' Out in Smoky Places." This will no doubt frustrate those looking for a definitive hits package spanning the group's entire catalog. Once again the Marshall Tucker Band comes close to hitting the ringer, but the horseshoe falls slightly short.



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