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MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST - Resurrection (2018)

For over 40 years, Schenker has notably become one of the most renowned guitar players in all of Hard Rock thanks to his signature grooves that have made all his endeavors a success with Rock fans around the globe. Working with veteran Producer Michael Voss-Schoen, Michael Schenker Fest is unlike most bands or supergroups, as Schenker has taken a path many artists would not even consider, bringing in all three vocalists who have sang for the Michael Schenker Group – Gary Borden, Graham Bonnet, and Robin McAuley, plus vocalist for Michael Schenker’s Temple of Rock, Doogie White. Not to be forgotten, backing up the band are Michael Schenker Group members Steve Mann (guitar/keyboards), Ted McKenna (drums), and Chris Glen (bass). Even better, Schenker has recruited some amazing special guests such as Kirk Hammett (Metallica) and former Michael Schenker Group Guitarist/Keyboardist Wayne Findlay. Fans may be wondering how this new project came to fruition. Well, according to Schenker, it started out as one big party, a gathering he called, Michael Schenker Fest. After bringing together all the aforementioned vocalists for an all out jam, before they knew it, twelve new tracks had been written and produced – thus gifting fans Resurrection.



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