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Cactus is an American hard rock supergroup formed in 1970. Cactus was initially conceived as early as late 1969 by the Vanilla Fudge rhythm section of bassist Tim Bogert and drummer Carmine Appice with guitarist Jeff Beck and singer Rod Stewart (also from the already dissolved Jeff Beck Group). However, Beck had an automobile accident and was out of the music scene for over a year and Stewart joined Ronnie Wood in Faces. Early 1970 Appice and Bogert brought in blues guitarist Jim McCarty from Mitch Ryder's Detroit Wheels and The Buddy Miles Express, and singer Rusty Day (born Russell Edward Davidson) from Amboy Dukes. This line-up managed three albums (Cactus, One Way...Or Another and Restrictions) before intraband troubles led to McCarty quitting at the end of 1971. Shortly afterwards Day was fired from the group. The fourth and last Cactus album ('Ot 'N' Sweaty) featured original rhythm section Bogert and Appice joined by Werner Fritzschings on guitar, Duane Hitchings on keyboards and Peter French (ex-Leaf Hound and Atomic Rooster) on vocals.

1972 - Fully Unleashed: The Live Gigs
Fully Unleashed: The Live Gigs is a mind blowing album! This is a dual disc album with the first disc and the first half of the second disc being Cactus' final performance (with original members) in Memphis, Tennessee, 1971. The latter half of the second disc contains some odds and ends from other performances (Live at Gilligans and Mar Y Sol). The Gilligan's (Buffalo NY, 1971) and Isle of Wight tracks feature original members. The Mar Y Sol (Puerto Rico, 1972) selections only have the original rhythm section which makes those tracks suffer. Cactus has a unique sound that I haven't heard from any other artists. Each member goes balls to the wall (which is usually a bad thing) all the while keeping the grooving tight and flowing. Carmine Appice (drums) and Tim Bogert (bass/vocals) make a crazy rhythm section while Jim McCarty holds his own on guitar. Rusty Day takes the cake with his 'rusty' vocals. One thing that makes this album so incredible is how superb the sound quality is. If you crank this album up to the max, it will sound as if Cactus is playing right in front of you. Sometimes I think my speakers will burst spontaneously combust from the sheer power of their performance. - ultimate-guitar.com
01. Intro - Long Tall Sally 02. Bag Drag 03. Evil 04. Parchman Farm 05. Alaska 06. Oleo 07. No Need To Worry 08. Let Me Swim
DISC 2: 01. Big Mama Boogie - Parts 1 & 2 02. Medley: - Heeby Jeebies - Money - Hound Dog - What'd I Say 03. No Need To Worry 04. Parchman Farm 05. One Way...Or Another 06. Bro. Bill 07. Swim 08. Bad Mother Boogie 09. Our Lil Rock-And-Roll Thing 10. Bedroom Mazurka

2007 - Fully Unleashed: The Live Gigs, Vol. II
Considering that the original Cactus lineup only released three studio albums, none of which made much of a dent on the popular consciousness when they were released in the early '70s, there seems to be undue interest in the group's leftovers. This is the third double-disc set within three years from Rhino Handmade on the thudding blues rockers, all of them impressive sellers with the previous volume of live gigs selling out its limited-edition run. While Vol.1 collected performances from the band's early career (including a track from this set), Vol.2 reproduces a single two-hour performance from Cactus' Buffalo appearance on June 26, 1971. Originally recorded by noted engineer Eddie Kramer, the sound faithfully captures Jim McCarty's slashing guitar and Carmine Appice's thumping drums in a concert setting that highlights the band's strengths and weaknesses. Joined on this date by second guitarist Ron Leejack, who had just joined the existing four-piece but didn't last long in the lineup, the sound is fuller, louder and a bit more raucous than Cactus' usual three-piece plus vocal attack. Never the subtlest of acts, the recently expanded five-piece stretches out here, for better or worse, on nearly every track, often pushing the tunes into the excess that the group seemed to thrive on. - cduniverse.com
01. Intro - Tuning 02. Long Tall Sally 03. Parchman Farm 04. Mellow Down Easy 05. Feel So Bad 06. Walkin' Blues 07. Scrambler - One Way... Or Another 08. Oleo
DISC 2: 01. Bro. Bill 02. Token Chokin' 03. Slow Blues (Medley) 04. Heebie Jeebies - What'd I Say 05. Evil
Recorded live at Gilligan's, Buffalo, NY (06/26/71)


CACTUS - Fully Unleashed - The Live Gigs (1972)

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CACTUS - Fully Unleashed - The Live Gigs Vol.02 (2007)

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