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2006 digitally remastered two CD set, subtitled The Live Anthology, features not only the original Slade Alive! album but also Slade Alive! Volume Two, Slade On Stage and Alive At Reading for a total of 33 rockin' and stompin' Slade performances! on The first live album 'Slade Alive!' was recorded at the Command Theatre Studio in London, for just o600, and released without overdubs of any sort in March 1972. 'Vol. Two' was culled from American concert performances in the autumn of 1976 as well as British dates the following spring. The story of Slade's renaissance at the 1980 Reading Festival has long since passed into the realms of rock music folklore. It was a performance that resurrected their flagging career and several tracks were originally issued on a pair of EPs. Before the hits really starting coming, Slade showed why they were one of England's best live acts with this fevered concert recording from 1972. Set alight by plenty of stomping beats, lumbering bass, fat guitars, and Noddy Holder's hoarse vocal scream, Slade Alive! finds the lads from Wolverhampton goading on their rabid fans at every juncture ("Wan ya ta really let loose on iss one"). In return, the crowd's handclap choruses and drunken exhortations fire up the band, inspiring them to take pub rock to glam proportions ("In Like a Shot From My Gun"), make a fine mess out of a Steppenwolf classic ("Born to Be Wild"), and add a bit of feedback to John Sebastian's folk-pop ("Darling Be Home Soon"). Plus, hits like the MC5-esque "Know Who You Are" and retro-rocker "Get Down Get With It" are given proper live workouts. ~ cduniverse.com

- "Slade Alive!" :
01. Hear Me Calling 02. In Like A Shot From My Gun 03. Darling Be Home Soon 04. Know Who You Are 05. Keep On Rocking 06. Get Down And Get With It 07. Born To Be Wild
- "Slade Alive Vol.Two" : 08. Get On Up 09. Tak' Me Bak 'Ome 10. My Baby Left Me 11. Be 12. Mama Weer All Crazee Now 13. Burnin' In The Heat Of Love 14. Everyday 15. Gudbuy T'Jane 16. One-Eyed Jacks With Moustaches 17. Cum On Feel The Noize

- "Slade On Stage" :
01. Rock And Roll Preacher 02. When I'm Dancin' I Ain't Fightin' 03. Tak' Me Bak 'Ome 04. Everyday 05. Lock Up Your Daughters 06. We'll Bring The House Down 07. A Night To Remember 08. Gudbuy T'Jane 09. Mama Weer All Crazee Now 10. You'll Never Walk Alone
- "Alive At Reading '80" : 11. When I'm Dancin' I Ain't Fightin' 12. Born To Be Wild 13. Somethin' Else-Pistol Packin' Mama-Keep A Rollin' 14. Merry Xmas Everybody 15. Okey Cokey 16. Get Down And Get With It [Reading '80]


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