David Coverdale is an English rock vocalist most famous for his work with the English hard rock band Deep Purple, and his later band Whitesnake

- White Snake (1977)
"White Snake" is the first solo album by David Coverdale, released in 1977. Coverdale would use the album title as the name of his future band, first known as "David Coverdale's Whitesnake" and soon afterwards shortened to just Whitesnake. This album is often incorrectly called Whitesnake, and should not be confused with the 1987 album of similar name.
01. Lady 02. Blindman 03. Golden Place 04. Whitesnake 05. Time on My Side 06. Peace Lovin' Man 07. Sunny Days 08. Hole in the Sky 09. Celebration 10. Peace Lovin' Man (bonus) 11. Sunny Days (bonus)

- Northwinds (1978)
"Northwinds" is the title of the second solo album by David Coverdale, released in early 1978. The original release contained eight tracks, with two more tracks added on recent reissues. The album's second side would later be combined with the Snakebite EP from his band Whitesnake, to form the Snakebite album. Originally entitled "North Winds", Coverdale's second solo album leans more towards blues-based rock, touched upon in his previous album.
01. Keep On Giving Me Love 02. Northwinds 03. Give Me Kindness 04. Time and Again 05. Queen of Hearts 06. Only My Soul 07. Say You Love Me 08. Breakdown 09. Shame the Devil (bonus) 10. Sweet Mistreater (bonus)

- Into The Light (2000)
"Into the Light" is the third solo album by David Coverdale. In between 1978 and 1997, Coverdale and his band Whitesnake produced 10 studio albums. After a three year break, he returned with this most recent solo album since 1978's Northwinds. In an interview with Classic Rock magazine in 2000, Coverdale stated: "The whole premise of my new record, Into The Light, is about coming out of what I felt was a dark period... I didn't really know who I was, using the illusion of David Coverdale I've created, or that other people have. I got tired of trying to live up to that, which is not necessarily who I am. - wikipedia
01. Into The Light 02. River Song 03. She Give Me 04. Don't You Cry 05. Love Is Blind 06. Slave 07. Cry For Love 08. Living On Love 09. Midnight Blues 10. Too Many Tears 11. Don't Lie To Me 12. Wherever You May Go


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