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Crackulous v0.6.3 BETA (Only Preview!)

Ever wondered how some crackers are able to crack so many applications so quickly? The secret is a new revolutionary tool called Crackulous.
Crackulous is the successor to my very popular script xCrack. xCrack was created to allow anyone, anywhere to crack applications from Apple's AppStore. All you needed to do was buy the app, run xCrack, and then you could share the app with the community. It took out all the tedious work of cracking an application manually. This saves a significant amount of time, especially for those who crack many applications.
Crackulous takes the concept of xCrack, and takes it to the next level. By turning it into an iPhone application, and adding a full GUI, cracking is now easier than ever! Now people who aren't technical at all are able to crack their applications and share them with the community! Crackulous is the most powerful cracking application ever created for the iPhone cracking community.
Crackulous is not only revolutionary, not only is it the most powerful app cracking utility ever created for this scene, not only is it the best and fastest way to crack your applications, it is the most educational thing you'll ever download for your iPhone!

Download will be ready when it will public release. I respect the developer of the code, so you wait until version 1.0!

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