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SEO Automatic Tool: Now for the iPhone | Search Engine Journal

SEO Automatic Tool: Now for the iPhone | Search Engine Journal

iPhone 3G water sensor top (Credit: Apple) | iPhone 3G water sensor bottom (Credit: Apple) Most cell phones have water detection.

Some iPhone games offer a simplistic getaway for gamers on the move, while others throw everything at you including the kitchen sink. Dexter: The Game manages to combine a lengthy story based on the television program#s first season ...

Drill), he altered his iPhone windshield mount so that it didn#t block the lens of the camera. We will admit (sheepishly) that at first glance we thought this might be connected to the outside of the windshield but it#s not. ...

Practically all summer, the buzz surrounding TomTom#s forthcoming iPhone GPS app was near deafening. But said noise apparently didn#t penetrate the labs at Navigon, as that very outfit has produced what#s easily the most full-featured ...

Alternately, an iphone to camera cable would be great, if only Apple would let developers use the USB port. (Maybe they do. But a search on iphone sdk usb turned up people looking and not finding. Which also puts the lie to this piece ...

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