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meeblog » Blog Archive » meebo vulnerable to security flaw?!

meeblog » Blog Archive » meebo vulnerable to security flaw?!

A few of the Meebo staff are traveling the country, celebrating Meebo#s Birthday. There will be a recruiting event at the CMU Campus on Wednesday, September 16th 2009. Stop by and show some Pittsburgh hospitality. ...

Mashable adds Meebo sharing « The Seldom Seen Kid – view page – cached #RSS 2.0 The Seldom Seen Kid » Mashable adds Meebo sharing Comments Feed The Seldom Seen Kid Facebook ads: 16th-22nd March Bad ...

In this case the brilliant minds behind the CoreLabs Research team analyzed the source code of libpurple and discovered a way for a remote user to trigger a crash in any application using libpurple (this includes Meebo, Pidgin, ...

Many of you probably already know that there are a bunch of aspects to Meebo that aren#t readily noticeable from First among them is probably the Meebo Bar. We started work on the Meebo Bar back in early 2008. ...

Meebo Repeater is a simple software that helps you to chat safely in a circumstance when your workplace has blocked port access to IM services. I like the fact that you do not need to learn to use Web proxies in order to access to the ...

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