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Lieber tot als rot

Better red than dead

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"Better dead than Red" was an anti-Communist phrase first used during World War II in its original German form "Lieber tot als rot" and later during the Cold War by the United States. It was coined by Nazi Germany's Propaganda Minister, Joseph Goebbels in the end phase of the Second World War to motivate the German military and population to fight the Russians to the end.[citation needed]

The English version may come from the original German but it could also be a re-invention. The slogan was used in the United States in the 1950s by anti-Communists to express their opposition to a Communist takeover in the USA, or indeed to any potent leftist influence at all. The counter-slogan "Better Red than dead" also developed. (See also McCarthyism)

The phrase continues to find use today in various places. Because of the common use of the primary colors red and blue to represent Republican-leaning and Democratic-leaning U.S. states, people in some more politically liberal regions might express their disgust with the power of conservative-leaning areas by using the phrase.

"Better dead than red" has also been used in school rivalries. For instance, it has been yelled by fans of teams that match up against the Wisconsin Badgers (who use the colors red and white), especially fans of the Minnesota Golden Gophers.

During the 1970's the phrase was common amongst teens and young adults marking the dividing line between the social class of marijuana users and those who did not. With the color red referring to the non-users as rednecks.

The phrase also used and embraced by fascists. Most notably used as the name of the American "RAC/Oi!" band "Better Dead Than Red."

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