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Sto je navaliooooo...

Prvo je bilo zgodno, dovela covjeka kao gosta na blog. Onda mi je rekao - imam zgodnu idejicu za jos jedan post - pa je napisao Jackalope tekst. Nakon toga mu se ZBILJA omililo pisati na mom blogu i to sam shvatila kad mi je rekao prije par dana - "Znas, imam nesto teksta za ovaj mjesec napisano...daj vidi je li to u redu " i tu sam ja shvatila da on kani svaki mjesec jednom gostovati na mom blogu. Nikad nije razmisljao o otvaranju svog vlastitog bloga - kaze da NEMA o cemu bas pisati, i to ljude ne bi zanimalo. Ovako mu pase svako malo meni doc u goste. Naravno - rijec je o Gazdinom sudjelovanju na mom blogu.

Sto da radim - ispada da ce neki od mojih postova biti u maniru - ucimo engleski. Cini se da pisati povremeno pokoji post vama svi dragi ljudi koji tu imate zivaca dolaziti - njemu zbilja znaci - tekst kao i obicno ide bez mojih intervencija, iako me tipkovnica golica da prepravim, izbacim, ubacim, pojasnim - al sam obecala da necu ... Uz tekst je sam odabrao i sliku - ne bih se ni tu mijesala u izbor jer je ovo ipak njegov post, valjda je zelio pokazati kako kod nas u obitelji izgleda razmjena misljenja naughty . Ovaj put mozete imati uvida kako Gazda razmislja o vezama - imajte na umu da nije frisko zatetrijebljen, skupa smo vec dugo .


Dobra Dan
It is I "Gazda" again. Tyche and I were talking about what I would write for the next guest article - I decided to talk about relationships. I am in no way considered an expert; I just wanted to share my thoughts. But before I begin I wanted to tell you that the quilt covers are turned inside out when they are ironed and put away until they are ready for use. I thank all of you for your input.

First let me say that Tyche is allowed to have any opinion she wants as long as it agrees with mine!! Just kiddiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing.roflsmijeh!!! But more to the point I believe it is very important to have similar interests and to be able to communicate, and communicate well. This is key to every relationship. I am not saying you must convey your every thought to each other - just communicate... how you feel, what you like and dislike, even a good joke can go a long way. To sometimes look at things from your partner’s point of view. Sometimes we just talk for hours and hours about everything from politics to the science, from life issues to what color and design a car should be. And at the same time we can enjoy in each others silence just to know that the other is close by.

About serious things in life : we have something we say to each other every time we see a small child crying in a store or giving their parents a bad time. "PUPPIES" is the word we both agree and that the only little ones we want - are puppies. I have 3 children from a previous marriage and Tyche has one child. We decided by mutual agreement that we have enough and that having more is a closed chapter in our life.

Sharing and caring with each other is very important too. Sharing the events of the day or a dream that we might have had the night before.

Being able to change or compromise a little for the other. Everyone has their moments and sometimes being able to look past those moments that bother you is important. It can be little things that set off bigger arguments most little things can be easily fixed . Something as simple as leaving the cap off the tooth paste is easily fixed just buy his and hers tooth paste.
I believe change in a person should not be forced; change should be wanted by the other. I believe we both have changed allot.

I also believe that having the same goals is important and can be a challenge. After all you have a partner for life - you both should want the same things that life has to offer.

Teaching and learning, seems we learn from each other every day and yes, sometimes we learn something about each other that we didn't know before. Just this morning I was looking at boats on the internet, it came out that Tyche had no idea that I liked them. kiss Having the ability to learn from your own mistakes and your partners understanding can help you allot.

Being honest to your partner is very important, but being honest to yourself is just as well important. Don't sell yourself short, the rewards are endless.

Mutual respect and commitment can carry so much weight in a relationship. Being there for each other through the best and the worst of times.

Well I believe I have said enough I can hear Tyche calling it's time to change the bed again, it's good thing you cant hear me saying "Yes Dear"cerek "Yes Dear" cerek“I'll be right there Dear”. zaliven
As I said change and compromise is important and for some reason we are changing the bed a day early.

Be good to each other. Live well. Love well.
Have a great summer.
Hope to talk to you soon.
See you,


P.S. I was just joking about changing the sheets.naughty

Ja tu nemam sto dodati...osim da mi je u utorak dolazeci s posla donio cvijet . Maznuo ga je s grma kod susjeda usred bijela dana. Cvijet je donio nicim izazvan, iz cista mira, nista nismo slavili i nista nije skrivio.


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